FWD supports financial inclusion with comprehensive health protection portfolio

Saturday, March 25, 2023

FWD Life Insurance (“FWD”) supports financial inclusion to cover the underserved sector of society who are vulnerable to critical illnesses through its comprehensive yet affordable health and wellbeing portfolio, which includes Vibrant Critical Illness Insurance, BIG 3 Critical Illness Insurance, and Set for Health Critical Illness Insurance. The portfolio covers costs of hospitalization, recovery from illness, and disease management, offering different premium tiers for customers from diverse financial situations.

We continue to innovate our products so we can contribute in closing the protection gap, making everyone from all walks of life get the protection they need,” said FWD PH Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer Roche Vandenberghe. “With these health protection plans, we’re changing the way people feel about insurance by encouraging them to invest in their health because they can now afford it.” 

Being diagnosed with critical illness can be the beginning of financial concern for patients and their families. Open heart surgery alone, for example, may cost at least Php300,000 in a public hospital, depending on the disease and its severity. Given the grave risks posed by common critical illnesses, FWD took a proactive approach to help people prioritize their health and wellbeing through insurance protection. Filipinos now have access to comprehensive health protection that covers all bases while empowering them to celebrate living.

The Vibrant Critical Illness Insurance offers up to six times the claims for major critical illness, three times maximum claims for cancer and non-cancer respectively. It covers the insured from wellness to recovery, including proper health screening and maintenance, coverage from critical illnesses, and a supplement benefit for treatment and recovery. It also offers maturity or death benefit and minor critical illness benefit, among others. The plan allows consumers to customize their policy as necessary with protection boosters.

The BIG 3 Critical Illness Insurance is an easy-on-the-pocket, easy-to-buy, and easy-to-claim health plan that protects against the top three critical illnesses: stroke, heart attack, and early-to-late-stage cancer. It provides high protection at minimum cost, alleviating Filipinos’ health-related financial concerns. At an affordable premium, customers can buy up to a maximum of Php 2 million total aggregated health benefit amount. They may also take advantage of the reward of unlimited consultation with licensed physicians at Aventus Medical Inc. clinics nationwide. The BIG 3 Critical Illness Insurance is available via the FWD Online Shop at shop.fwd.com.ph.

The Set for Health Critical Illness Insurance, which covers 42 major critical illnesses and allows up to three times the claims for unrelated major critical illnesses. Dubbed as the zero-waste health plan, Set for Health guarantees that the insured gets a return from all premiums paid as it offers up to three times the claims for major critical illnesses, and 100% refund of the premiums paid if they never make a claim. Additionally, dependents get 100% of the benefit amount should the insured pass away before age 75. This plan is available via reaching out to a financial advisor or the FWD Online Shop, and it offers flexible payment options so customers can pay under their preferred terms.

Important financial decisions require help from professionals. Customers can talk to FWD’s financial advisors to seek expert advice on which plans they need, depending on their background and life plans. For more information about FWD Life Insurance’s health and wellbeing products, visit fwd.com.ph/health-and-wellbeing/

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