Tiny Buds Baby Turns to TikTok for Brand Growth

Friday, March 24, 2023

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses were forced to shut down, affecting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the hardest. But amidst difficulties, local all-natural baby care essentials brand, Tiny Buds Baby (@tinybudsbaby) sought innovative and secure ways to market its products and services from within the confines of its office. Safety was of primary concern then and continues to be a key consideration now, especially where little ones are concerned.

To expand its operations and social presence in e-commerce, Tiny Buds Baby has found its perfect partner in TikTok by harnessing the app's strength in short-form mobile videos

Maximizing marketing opportunities
Tiny Buds Baby (@tinybudsbaby) was able to find its niche and potential in e-commerce on TikTok. As a family business that started in 2009 using traditional selling, the challenge for Tiny Buds Baby was marketing its all-natural baby product since it was not a common household name, and parents were cautious about which products they should use on their children.

The pandemic offered Tiny Buds Baby the opportunity to explore e-commerce platforms as an alternative to its marketing limitations. With Tiny Buds Baby’s understanding of parents’ experiences and worries when caring for their babies reflected in its products and services, it was able to leverage TikTok’s entertainment and commerce solutions to engage and connect with mothers on the platform.

Future-proofing the brand
Tiny Buds Baby saw the potential of the platform in future-proofing its brand and amplifying product awareness. This led the brand to start posting daily videos and creating entertaining and informative content by maximizing trends on TikTok. Because of this, Tiny Buds Baby garnered 20-30 thousand views on its first engagements on the app.

TikTok’s hashtags #budolfinds and #tiktokmademebuyit are a few of the trends Tiny Buds Baby rode on. The company also utilized popular music and dance challenges in creating content on its TikTok account, helping the brand become more relatable and engaging with its audience. 

Tiny Buds Baby realized quickly the importance of interacting with its audience in a more intimate and genuine approach through TikTok. The company also explored TikTok’s LIVE shopping and TikTok Shop and discovered them to be effective avenues not only to drive sales but also to gain followers and brand recognition.

By organizing daily livestreams, Tiny Buds Baby was able to cultivate a community of loyal viewers and customers. Viewers were entertained by having them participate in games, question and answer segments, and TikTok LIVE exclusive discounts. With every livestream, Tiny Buds Baby succeeded in converting its viewers into followers and customers.

Tools for seamless success
Aside from ad campaigns, Tiny Buds Baby sought other creative solutions that would help the brand extend to new and unreached audiences.

A strategy used by Tiny Buds Baby was affiliate marketing, wherein brands commission selected creators to promote its products in videos and livestreams. With this, it was able to leverage creator-led content on TikTok by partnering with mommy creators who can deliver creative and relatable content about its products to relevant audiences. Consequently, the brand's utilization of affiliate marketing proved to be the most effective as it reduced the brand's cost per acquisition and resulted in an uplift in return on ad spend.

Tiny Buds Baby likewise engaged in video shopping ads, which are shoppable in-feed videos, wherein mothers and parents can make a purchase or browse the product catalogue from its TikTok Shop directly from the ad. As a result, Tiny Buds Baby was able to achieve growth in brand awareness and sales as its first video shopping ads campaign resulted in a number of complete payments on TikTok Shop.

Tiny Buds Baby’s official account has garnered over 330,000 followers and 991,000 likes since joining TikTok.

The brand's venture into TikTok allowed the brand to find appropriate and sustainable ways to grow and raise its impact. By leveraging the platform’s commerce solutions and showcasing genuine interactions with its audience in an organic and authentic manner, Tiny Buds Baby managed to successfully achieve brand growth.

To learn more about TikTok for Business, visit https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-US.

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