Ria Atayde on her fitness goals plus more on her showbiz career aspirations

Monday, April 02, 2018

Summer definitely makes everyone excited to be on their top shape so that they can wear their summer outfits but not for Ria Atayde. 

During the Blogger's interview for Ria Atayde last month for her Ipaglaban Mo episode, Ria Atayde shared some details about her fitness goals, according to Ria, "Growing up kasi tabain talaga ako which is why it is really a struggle for me.." she added that what really inspired her to be fit is her work right now which is her showbiz career, saying "mawawalan ako ng trabaho kung tataba ako." So she does it gradually, step by step so that the changes will not be drastic and she won't end up gaining weight again.

Ria also shared what it was like to have a brother like Arjo Atayde, she said that although they are both in the showbiz scene, they respect each other's privacy too. Ria said that when they are not busy, they usually would talk about their dream projects and Arjo would always be the creative one and she will be the more rational one. Although she would love to work with his brother soon, she wanted to be more prepared when that time comes because as she said while laughing, "baka lamunin nya lang ako sa eksena.."

Ria also shared that she would love to do different kinds of roles so that she can practice versatility although she would also love to be part of an action film or teleserye and do some action scenes too. She also shared that her dream is to work with the prime actress Ms. Judy Anne Santos-Agoncillo, she added that she is definitely one of the actress she looks up to and it would be a dream come true to work with her someday. 

Last but definitely not the least, we also asked Ria who among the actors today she would love to work with and without any hesitation, she answered Joseph Marco. "Joseph Marco, love your own and Enchong Dee." Ria added that she's open to work with everybody.

Just recently, Ria Atayde was part of It's Showtime Lenten episode "Destination: Home". 

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