Arjo Atayde: The man behind Paco Alipio in Hanggang Saan

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

One of the most charming, versatile but, at the same time, hated is Arjo Atayde who played as Joaquin Tuazon a police officer who uses his power to protect his family's crime syndicate, in the hit teleserye "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano." His next role as Paco in "Hanggang Saan" which plays via Kapamilya Gold is completely different from his role as Joaquin, here he is more subtle, a professional lawyer who love his Mom more than anything in the world.

Looking back at his acting journey, he has indeed reached new heights in his career. After numerous attempts of convincing his mother to allow him to enter showbiz, Arjo finally succeeded during his college years. 

But behind the cameras, how well do we really know Arjo Atayde or Juan Carlos Campo Atayde in real life? 

Born November 16, 1990, a son to one of the most celebrated and most brilliant artists in the industry has its perks and perils. Amidst all the pressures and comparisons, Arjo Atayde has blossomed into one of the most bankable actors of his generation, proving everyone that he can make a mark through his unmistakable acting talent and stay away from the enormous shadow of his mom, Sylvia Sanchez.

Arjo shared during a Blogger's Interview that whenever he is not busy, he makes it a point that he watches different types of movies, he loves watching movies and because of his love for films this is where he gets different ideas on what he wishes to portray in the future, he added that someday he wishes to do a "wild role", a remarkable one that differes from each role he does. He added that he always research and studies about his role first so that he will have an idea on how to tackle it and make it believable. In the past interview, Arjo shared that he wanted to be a comedian just like his idol Babalu, hopefully he can do something like this in the future with a romantic twist on the side. 

On a separate interview, Ria Atayde, sister of Arjo Atayde shared the Arjo also loves writing concepts and both of them are a tandem when it comes to writing. She added that Arjo is the more detailed and creative one. 

Just last March 10, Arjo Atayde was spotted with his beautiful family celebrating his father's birthday and last March 17, the whole family attended a wedding. We can all conclude what a close knit family the Atayde's are. 

Arjo will have a busy year for 2018, more updates about Arjo Atayde soon on this blog! Don't miss Hanggang Saan weekdays via Kapamilya Gold. 

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