Vivo’s first flagship phone for 2018 rumored to boast of a superior full-view display

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A true champ always gets the perfect shot. Coming soon.

Top global smartphone brand Vivo will once again prove that there is no stopping it when it comes to their delivery of topnotch smartphone models, more innovative and more state-of-the-art with every release. In the final quarter of the prior year, Vivo released its revolutionary flagship phone, the V7+ and, before 2017 came to a close, punctuated the year with the launch of V7. Both the V7+ and the V7 reinforced Vivo’s leadership in selfies with its 24 MP front-facing camera, which produces above-quality selfies.The dynamic twosome also boasted of 5.7” all-screen display with an 83.6% screen to body ratio that would normally house a 5.2-inch screen, offering 12.5% more visual display area compared to traditional 16:9 screens. This V7 feature enhances consumers’ visual experience, a perfect element to satisfy this generation’s very visual demographic. 

This year, Vivo will again wow the mobile phone industry with the nearing rumored launch of its newest flagship smartphone. And speaking of a very visual demographic where Vivo found its most loyal of users, it is well anticipated that Vivo’s freshest offering willrock a full frontal screen, expectedly bigger than the V7’s already satisfyingly ample 5.7”all-screen display. With a sizable screen, the screen-to-body ratio of Vivo’s yet-to-be-released flagship is also beingforeseen to be of a huge improvement of its predecessor’s, the aspect ratio rumored to be as expansive as 19:9. 

With a huge leap in improvement in its display, the new Vivo smartphone release is expected to be a dream-come-true for users who maximize their phones to be portable entertainment devices. Pictures in movies come out crisper, and the colors more vivid, giving the semblance of almost real-life images. With an ample display, gamers, likewise, may appreciate a more animated gaming experience with no intricate detail left behind. 

Selfie-fans will also benefit in the reported ample phone display of the latest Vivo smartphone as it could improve the overall composition of every photograph taken, with enhanced clarity and definition. 

Vivo is set to release its first flagship phone for 2018 in Manila anytime this March. Vivo has been making waves in the country since it first hit Philippine market in March 29, 2016. Since its entry into the local scene, the topnotch brand has vied with other strong phone brands and has proven its developing dominion amongst Filipino smart phone enthusiasts.  

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