Mano Po 7 Chinoy: Now Showing! An Early Christmas Gift from Regal Films

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It has been a tradition of every Filipino that come Christmas Day, we all get the chance to watch quality, yes, quality made films from the country's top mainstream producer of films and one of them is Regal Films. Regal Films has produced some of the best films that will forever be imprinted in our hearts: From Horror - Shake, Rattle and Roll Series then to the Mano Po Saga that continues to showcase the epic stories of Chinese families 
here in the Philippines.  Only the best and multi-awarded actors and actress got the chance to be part of the Mano Po series which is why the seventh part - Mano Po Chinoy will be another of Regal Film's classic film which we should all watch and applaud. 

In Mano Po 7: Chinoy, Regal Films’ Christmas offering, Richard plays a business tycoon who is overly protective and very strict with his loved ones (as most Chinese are), with Jean Garcia as his wife and, as their children, Enchong, Janella Salvador and Jana Agoncillo, with Marlo Mortel, Jessy Mendiola, Kean Cipriano and Jake Cuenca completing the all-star cast.

During the Grand Blogcon of Mano Po 7 Chinoy, the cast namely Marlo Mortel, Janella Salvador, Enchong Dee, Jean Garcia and Richard Yap were present to promote and tell us about the movie. Of course, the main question was how do they feel that they were not included in the Magic 8 of this year's MMFF.

Richard Yap shared his reaction, “Of course, my natural reaction was disappointment that we were not included in the MMFF. But after thinking it over, I realized that God might have better plans for us. Like they say, ‘When God closes a door, He opens a window somewhere.’” It would have been Richard Yap first ever Best Actor award, but Richard accepted the decision. “We really did everything possible na maging worthy siya as MMFF entry. But we can’t do anything about their decision. We just have to live with it and do our best. So we are showing this before the MMFF, para maging masaya pa 
rin ang mga tao,” 

Richard talks about his role, “I play Wilson Wong, a typical Fil-Chinese who is successful in business and in all aspects of his life but is somewhat lacking when it comes to showing his love and affection to his family. I would say that there are parts of the character I play that are like me in some ways. I used to be uncomfortable in showing affection when I was younger. My wife showed me how and changed me for the better.”

Do they have a memorable scene in Taiwan where they shot the movie? “I think the most memorable moment was when we were caught in the typhoon. The bus was swaying and had difficulty moving because of the strong wind. Aside from that, another memorable moment was when we were allowed to go into the chamber of the temple where it is normally not open to everyone. There you could feel the peace which you can only feel in a sacred place.”

#MarNella is back and fans will surely enjoy their most awaited comeback in the big screen. When asked how do they feel that they're paired again in this much awaited movie, Marlo said that he will be forever grateful to Mother Lily and Regal Films for making it possible because he really missed working with Janella although they continuously have communication, they remained friends and would always update each other of their whereabouts even if they're not a love team anymore. 

Janella said that she's happy that MarNella fans are still there, in full support of their love team and their movie. She added that she's been very blessed this year and she can't ask for more, which is why she is also looking forward to spend Christmas with her family, they'll be celebrating it in Baguio while Marlo will be going to Australia with his family.

It's also a blessed year for Enchong Dee, aside from launching his new album, he also opened a restaurant this year but of course, Mano Po 7 would have been his first acting award as well as Best Supporting Actor if Mano Po 7 Chinoy were part of MMFF 2016. Enchong couldn't hide his sadness over it but said that they all need to move on and guarantees everyone that Mano Po 7 is indeed a quality Film. He added that they've worked hard for this film and that it offers a classic story about Chinoy families and also showcases core values of a family and what we can learn from it. 

Enchong Dee will be paired with Jessy Mendiola on this film and he said that it was ice working with her since she is very professional. Although Enchong is "loveless" right now, Enchong said that his inspiration right now is his work and that he is very serious with his craft. At his age right now, he wants to achieve more bucket list in life. He wanted to back pack across Asia and save up more money for the future, put up more business and do more challenging roles. His role in Mano Po 7 in surely another one of Enchong's most top caliber portrayal that people should watch out for.

Another timeless actress and definitely a Best Actress, Jean Garcia said that she is privileged that she gets the chance to work with Kapamilya stars since she is the only Kapuso star in the movie. According to her, working with them gave her a chance to explore more and appreciate how they showed their support to her as well. Jean said that she really felt like she was a wife of a busy Chinese tycoon with Richard Yap, she added that Richard Yap is really one of a kind actor, he is very professional and that he loves his craft and the staff to his co-actors. 

Watch MANO PO 7 CHINOY Blogcon here:

The cast also includes Eric Quizon, Jake Cuenca, Kean Cipriano and Jana Agoncillo. The movie is directed by Ian Lorenos. Graded B by Cinema Evaluation Board!

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Mano Po 7 Chinoy now showing in cinemas nationwide!
An early Christmas gift by Regal Films!

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