Fill-up your Christmas bayongs at the Adobomall Holiday Sale

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shop-a-holics rejoice! Nothing can stop your holiday shopping anymore, because even when the city’s malls closes there’s one shopping mall that’s open 24/7. And it’s gearing up for a big shopping spree surprise.Get ready for the Adobomall Holiday Sale. 

Every day from Dec. 16 – 21, prices at Adobomall will be at a special all-time low and special surprises are in store from 12mn-6am for shoppers who’re willing to sacrifice a shuteye for incredible deals.

It’s a “mall-wide” sale with lots of premium items on discount. Go crazy filling-up your bayongs. The one-of-a-kind mall sale-slash-night market runs only for a limited time so keep your eyes peeled and get clicking for the Adobomall Holiday Sale.


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