LJ Reyes: On her Birthday, Mobile App MApp & her new Teleserye

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lj Reyes will be celebrating her 28th birthday this coming December 25. But she first celebrated it with the kids from Papaya Academy Inc. located at Montalban Rizal. 

Papaya Academy Inc. was founded by Kalinga Foundation which offers free education in every children from Payatas, Quezon City. The school was founded in 2002 and since, it has been helping a lot of children. This is why this is the perfect venue for Lj's upcoming birthday which falls exactly on Christmas day. 

To make Lj's birthday even more special since she will be the one sharing blessings to the kids, Jollibee was present to fulfill a happy birthday party for Lj.  There's fun games, Jollibee snacks and photo ops with Jollibee! Lj mentioned that she can't think of any other venue for her venue than at a place full of kids because she loves kids and being with them makes her a happy kid at heart as well.

The birthday celebration will not be complete without giving out special gifts from Lj Reyes.

The kids even asked Lj to sign the toys for them and Lj happily signed each toy handed to her. This are one of those moments according to Lj that she truly enjoys which is why she added that every moment spend with her son Ethan Akio Reyes is a treasured moment.

Lj shared how she spends time with her son. Now that Ethan is growing up really fast, she suddenly miss seeing him all the time because he goes to school. But even so, she would always help him in his assignments and would play board games or any games with him when she has time. She also encourages his son to have an active lifestyle by doing sports so that he will grow up healthy and strong.

 The latest endeavor of LJ Reyes is an app called MApp, which she described a "mommy aide." MApp is categorized according to the needs of the parent or the child. It contains a list of emergency numbers to call, first aid tips, coupons, articles and a community for parental support. All these can be accessed with just one tap.

 Lj enumerated the many things it can do like:
1. It has a list of kid-friendly establishments.
2. . It even has a list of restaurants with high chairs.
3. It's like a Google for parents.
4. It has a calendar of events for mommies and kids.
5. It has 
Lj is an Economic major and she has a few units left to finish her course but what inspired her to create this app? Lj said that since she's also a Mom, she created an app that will have help not only her but a lot of Moms and Dads out there who are struggling when they need to balance their time. This is a big help since most of what they need when they go out are in the app and they will continue to improve it.

Lj Reyes will have a busy year since she will also be part of an upcoming GMA Afternoon Prime teleserye, a remake of the 1987 film of Ms. Lorna Tolentino, Ms. Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion entitled "Pinulot ka lang sa Lupa". Lj will be working side by side with Julie Anne San Jose and Benjamin Alves.

According to Lj, she will be playing Maricel Soriano's role. Although a bit kontrabida, the story will explain why she is like that. The teleserye is not purely based on the film since they edited some parts. The teleserye will be directed by Ms. Gina Alajar. They've worked together in Yagit. Lj mentioned that she've worked with Benjamin Alves before as for Julie Anne, this is their first time to work in a soap since they've worked together in a Sunday show in the past. Both are very professional with their craft and they're fun to work with said Lj. Pinulot ka lang sa Lupa will start in 2017.

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