Celebrations Gift List: Give Memorable Events a Twist with your own Personalized Gift Registry!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Do you still remember the days when there's no Internet and we had to visit every store searching for one single thing? Especially if we're too busy and the birthday or the wedding will be the next day, you just can't help but feel pressured.

Wasn’t that exhausting? Thankfully, there's the Internet, we do not have to do the hunting for the best gifts anymore. Gifts are the special items given to the hosts on a specific occasion. Every occasion like birthday, wedding, bridal shower and thanksgiving are associated with gifts. These occasions are considered to be incomplete without gifts. 

Another thing to be thankful of is the added convenience for people who will be celebrating special moments in their lives like weddings, debuts or other special occasions.
 I've discovered an Online Gift Registry which is a first here in the Philippines. 

Online gift registries can be used to communicate your wish list for wedding, to the guests. These gift lists help the couple in receiving the desired items as gifts. Some of the desired items can be costly and affording them may be difficult for you. Money gift wedding is not a new idea and it has been common even in the past. Cash gifts are the most helpful to you in buying some special and exclusive items. 

At first I was a bit hesitant to check it out because it was the first time I've heard about it and I was really clueless. When I checked their Facebook page which is complete with all the details I needed, I went straight to their website which is http://www.celebrationsgiftlist.com/.

Since I have a friend who will be having a baby shower soon, I'll be helping her a lot when it comes to preparations and most of us, whether we are the celebrant or the ones who are invited, we get stressed with the gifts that we are going to give and for the celebrant, after the party, even though we feel really blessed with all the presents that we got, we sometimes feel a bit sad that there are presents that are doubled. 

For newly weds, the most common gifts were Microwave or coffee maker, and there are times they will receive 5 of those presents. Would it be nice if the celebrants get the chance to choose the presents that they really want?How about giving them gift certificates on that special day so that they can choose what they want and buy what they really needed. 

This is were Celebrations Gift List comes in, after checking out their website, I instantly got really excited helping my friend prepare for her special baby shower! Via Celebrations Gift List, you as a celebrant can register on your own, create your own page and choose from a variety of brands that suits your taste. 

The functioning of Celebrations Gift List is very simple and useful. You can add any type of brands in the gift list as a gift from the guests. You need not worry about the patronage of an item among your guests. Guests contribute gift certificate as their gift. The amount contributed by guests can be of any range depending on the limit of the celebrant. 

Check out the step by step procedure I did via http://www.celebrationsgiftlist.com/

 Register your account via http://www.celebrationsgiftlist.com/
 Then you need to add the event: Wedding, Debut or Christening
 After choosing the desired theme, there will be a charge of Php 3000 which will be inclusive of the url assigned to you or your client which you can use for the next 3 months. You can edit this anytime as well.
Now you can choose the brands you want to receive on this special day or occasion.
 There are a lot of brands to choose from so you will not have a hard time choosing 
what you will need. 
 You can even check out the event summary and other details on your very own url.
You can decorate your own theme as well depending on your own taste, this is one of 
the fun parts.

Now for those who will be the invited guests, like me, I can now choose what type of gift certificate I can give to the celebrant, if I choose H&M, I can add how much I want to give the celebrant. This will give me more time for myself without worrying about what to give on that special occasion.
The steps are really easy and the site is very user-friendly which is why you will not have a hard time using it. Once the url was given to you by the celebrant, you can easily access it.
During the said event, they will deliver the said gift certificates to the celebrants.
Isn't that a wonderful gift all in all? The administrator of Celebrations Gift List will be able to deliver all of the gifts to the recipients at a mutually convenient time before or after the event, for the convenience of both the givers and the recipient.

The gift certificates will also be placed in a nice package where the names of those who bought the said gift certificates will be indicated, now you can track who gave it to you. 

Here's the demo video of the step by step procedure, it will really help you a lot if you wish to build your own registry soon:

This is how guests can buy gifts using Celebrations Gift List:

Overall, this is a wonderful site that can help all of us when it comes to the most critical times in preparations for the big and memorable celebrations in our life. This is actually very handy for both the celebrant and the ones who will attend. The outcome will surely give you a more meaningful occasion you will never forget, this is based from experience as well since I also love receiving gift certificates. I truly recommend it.

Celebrations gift lists can be used for a variety of occasions, such as anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, civil ceremonies, graduations, and housewarming parties. So, give your memorable events a unique twist with your own personalized gift registry.

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