Destiny Rose Shines with Award Winning Child Actor Miggs Cuaderno & Ken Chan in his Debut Role

Monday, September 28, 2015

GMA Network is known for its unique teleseryes that goes beyond what we are expected to watch. They understand our need to watch something new everyday. From My Husband's Lover to Dading and The Rich Man's Daughter, now we have Destiny Rose which is aired via GMA Afternoon Prime starring on his debut role Ken Chan.

I couldn't imagine anyone else who could portray the role of Joey/Destiny Rose as a kid other than Miggs Cuaderno. At an early age, he has been nominated and won several outstanding awards and he just turned 11 this year. He recently won Best Child Performer in the 17th Gawad Pasado Award, 31st PMPC Star Awards for Movies and the 63rd Famas Awards for the highly acclaimed film ASINTADO. His most precious award is a Best Actor Award from Cheries Cheris International Film Festival in France.

According to Miggs, it was a big pressure to him now to portray roles because he knows people will expect more from him since he has won several awards but deep inside of him, he believes that for as long as he does his very best, he knows people will appreciate his efforts.
With his role as Joey, both Ken and him attended a workshop to better portray their roles. 
It was new to him to portray a "gay" role but at the same time challenging, he needs to make his actions and voice soft, because of that, he needs a peg so that he can control his action and his peg is none other than the gorgeous  Solenn Heusaff.

He feels blessed that he gets to work with amazing actors and also thankful because Ken Chan commended his performance in Destiny Rose. According to Ken, he is more challenged to do good because he knows how amazing Miggs is when it comes to acting.

Ken Chan is one actor you shouldn't mess with because he is definitely a rising star you don't want to miss. He is driven and very passionate about his craft and he will do anything just to reach the top. On his debut role, Ken Chan is thankful to GMA Network and GMA Artist Center for all the support he is getting. He underwent an audition just to get the lead role part in Destiny Rose, although at first he felt nervous because a lot of actors auditioned for the role, he is confident that he did his best and prayed for it. Ken said that if your really want it, you have to reach for it, he even said that he has a goal board that he looks at every morning to give him a boost to reach for his dreams. Now, he is taking it one step at a time.

With his role as Joey/Destiny Rose, Ken underwent a workshop and also researched a lot about his role. It is not typical gay role, it's a transgender role, meaning he has to act like a real woman and feels like it. For this, his pegs were Marian Rivera and Jennylyn Mercado. 

Destiny Rose is also garnering high ratings from the moment it started and Ken Chan feels overwhelmed and thankful to all the viewers who supports Destiny Rose. All the hard work truly paid off because viewers appreciated their efforts and he promised that he will continue to do his best for the show.

When asked how Ken feels that he has a love team on Destiny Rose, he laughed and said, "Yung feeling nakakatawa.." He added that at first he was a bit hesistant that he will have a love team on the said show but when he read the script and it a big yes to him. Working with Jeric Gonzales, Fabio Ide and Ken Alfonso as his lovers or partners in the said series, he can't help but feel in awe because this is definitely what Destiny Rose is all about. Reality and it rerally tackles about love and struggles of Destiny Rose. Working with this three handsome artists takes a lot of effort and they all underwent workshop so that they can break the ice and work more comfortably. When asked if they'll have intimate scenes he added, "I don't think so since the show is aired in the afternoon." 

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Destiny Rose cast includes Manilyn Reynes, Michael De Mesa, Jackielou Blanco, Katrina Halili, Sheena Halili, Joko Diaz, Irma Adlawan and JC Tiuseco. The series is being directed by Don Michael Perez (Strawberry Lane, Innamorata).

Don't miss Destiny Rose Mondays to Fridays after Buena Familia 
on GMA Afternoon Prime.
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