ALDUB Most Awaited Date: Aldub First Date via Kalye Serye on Eat Bulaga

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The most awaited episode of Eat Bulaga has been aired, fans of ALDUB has been waiting for them to finally meet again and their first ever date happened live at Broadway. 
It also garnered 11 million tweets and counting as of 5 in the afternoon. It already surpassed the world's trending hashtag #LoveWins. They surpassed their own mark before which trended for 6 Million tweets.

Before the said date, Alden Richards even made a cute gesture of greeting Maine Mendoza's parents personally. It was a gesture everyone truly adored because he showed how he respected Maine's parents.

Everyone waited for the said event and before Eat Bulaga started their regular program, they showed updates on how Yaya Dub and Alden prepared for their special date:

Meanwhile, it was evident how everyone was looking forward to watch this episode.
This was taken at a mall in Quezon City.

Let's all wait what will happen to Yaya Dub on Monday.

Watch how they meet here:

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