KimKo Fans Day at Lasermaxx: Kiko Estrada & Kim Rodriguez Bonded with their Fans

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ever wonder what will happen if a certain love team and their fans collide? what would be their initial reaction? It's gonna be fun and really memorable. This is what happened when Kiko Estrada and Kim Rodriguez held a fans day at Laser Maxx. Their fans got the chance to bond with them, not just by spending time with them playing laser games but also updating each other with their upcoming activities.

Both Kim and Kiko shared special time together with their fans and I can say they really hold a special bond since they already know each other well enough.

Kim and Kiko recently starred in the teleserye My Mother's Secret where they got the chance to work with Christian Bautista, Gwen Zamora and more. Before that, they were also paired in Strawberry Lane. It was so nice to see this two because they look good together and they're really sweet, so what is their status?

After working for My Mother's Secret, Kim and Kiko admitted that they're even more close than before, they're comfortable working with each other and have been spending more time together, either going out watching movies, having dinner together and hanging out with other friends too. But Kim cleared that they are not yet a "couple" simply because both of them wanted to focus more on their respective careers and they said they support one another on whatever projects they have even if they are not paired as a love team.
Kim supported Kiko when he auditioned for Ken Chan's role in Destiny Rose.

Kiko also narrated how his parents loved Kim when he introduced her to them even saying that Kim is a beautiful girl. On Kim's birthday last August, Kiko was part of her surprise party and his gift for her is a Macbook Pro. One of Kim and Kiko's favorite hobby is to write a script, and Kiko shared that his big dream is that to be part of a production team, a Director perhaps of a movie or a tv show in the future. 

For now, thay're still waiting for that special project for them but they're still part of regional shows of GMA network.

Watch Kim and Kiko's interview here:

It was truly a memorable day for KimKo fans! 

Check out some of the highlights of their fans day!
After the game, Kiko's Team won the Laser Maxx challenge!

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