Alden Richards Goes Bowling with his Dad

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This dynamic duo is inseparable. They both love doing the same things and if they 
have time, they play basketball or play bowling! yes, you read it right :-)

While they playing bowling, I got the chance to see how they play, they're really good, like a pro! Fortunately, I also got the chance to interview them while they were having fun, times like this are so rare since we all know how hectic Alden's schedule is. 
As of now Alden Richards just released a new album which has a carrier single "Haplos" under Universal Records.

Mr. Richard Faulkerson Sr., Alden’s dad took the sole responsibility of being the only parent in the family after her wife passed away. During these tough times, they held on and draw strength from each other. 

“I’m so excited to treat my dad for some post-Father’s Day Bowling! Brings back so many fun memories! Thank you SM North, Bowling Center for making this possible for us.” Alden said.

According to Mr. Faulkerson Sr., Alden is a nice kid even until now. He admits that he was strict but this is for the good of his children although he knows that Alden is a very responsible kid. Alden doesn't have a nightlife, he is a homebody and loves to bond with his family more.  Growing up he remembers that his Dad usually gives them a curfew in the afternoon so that he can focus on his studies, by 3pm they should be at home or less the gates will be locked.

As for finances, Alden said he is very thrifty. He traces his money every time  
he uses money, from buying food to gasoline, parking space etc. He said wants to manage his income properly because we all know showbiz is not forever. 

Alden also said he doesn't have any limitations when it comes to accepting roles, he wants every role to be challenging. He comes to the set prepared and wants to surprise his director by giving his best. He knows that the viewers and his fans deserves the best. 

As much as possible, Alden wants to focus on his career first. Love can wait for now since he is still very young. He is busy promoting his latest album and he also has an upcoming movie which will give him a new role to try out, an action film where he would act together with another icon Robin Padilla.

Alden can be seen at Mundo Mo’y Akin, GMA’s primetime soap every weekday nights.

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