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Thursday, June 20, 2013

For the past years, Filipinos had a hard time trying to have their 
very own Birth Certificate. Moreover, going to NSO head office is such a hassle because it is only open from Monday-Friday and most of us have a 8-5 of work schedule.

Thanks to Teleserv now NSO Helpline.com, everything will be fast, convenient and 
hassle free transaction! Say goodbye to long lines because all you need is a computer 
where you can sit back and relax while waiting for your legal documents to be delivered staright at your home or anywhere for your convenience.

Based on my experience and yes, I ordered my birth certificate online twice already, I must say it is very helpful that Teleserv and NSO had this partnership. It saves time plus
everything and user friendly. From their website and their customer service representatives are very helpful plus it all happens so fast after the transaction you will tell yourself,
"Tapos na? yun na yun?Bilis!" Even better for the delivery. You can expect your birth certificate delivered straight at your home on time, just be sure to be there with your ID or if you happen to be out, just leave a letter of authorization with your signature and your ID and voila! you now have your Birth Certificate.

Pilipinas Teleserv Inc., the citizen service partner of the National Statistics Office since 2000, is the company behind the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery service.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery 737-1111 is where people can request for their NSO certificates and have it delivered right at their door step within 2-3 days anywhere in the country. Over time it has expanded with a chat channel at www.birthcertificates.com.ph to support the helpline number along with more payment channels and online options for better accessibility. With all these improvements and further growth, Teleserv is now integrating all the service features to develop a one-stop shop for all NSO related services. This 2013, Teleserv embarks on a brand relaunch aimed at enhancing the current NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Service 737-1111. 

Introducing, NSOHelpline.com, the new encompassing service established on the trusted nationwide door-to-door delivery of NSO certificates within 2-3 days. The service also stays true in helping Filipinos find answers and solutions for numerous NSO certificate related concerns, inquiries, and problems. It offers solutions with up-to-date information of NSO facts and consultation services for certificate problems like corrections and late registration. It also incorporates comprehensive coverage of the primary phone and chat channels and upcoming developments for SMS, social media, and mobile applications for improved convenience.

NSOHelpline.com, fast and hassle-free certificate delivery. A citizen service of Pilipinas Teleserv, NSO’s partner since 2000. The new and comprehensive way of having your NSO certificates delivered to you promptly and hassle-free, getting answers to your inquiries, and finding solutions to your certificate concerns.

Pilipinas Teleserv is the recognized leader in Citizen Services from among the country’s world-class BPO companies, having established itself as an innovative contact center provider. The company operates services for various Philippine government agencies like the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Civil Service Commission, the Government Service Insurance System, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and various others that have revolutionized the way citizens transact with the government. Teleserv has found its niche as a systems integrator in the industry utilizing Voice, SMS, Chat, Email, and Web-based applications into a unified communications structure. 

Teleserv is the service company behind services such as: 
DFA Passport Appointment System – where Filipinos can acquire passport processing schedule and information, the Contact Center ng Bayan - the Philippine Government’s main helpdesk where citizens, civil society organizations, and other entities can voice their complaints and concerns with government agencies such as the Civil Service Commission, PhilHealth, Department of Trade and Industry, National Computer Center, and Department of Health, and the contact center partner of the Government Service Insurance System and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

After almost of 13 years of successful partnership, Teleserv and NSO’s highly successful citizen service will now be known as NSOHelpline.com

NSOHelpline.com is the reliable service-focused 24/7 hotline, website, and delivery service that you know but with a new extremely easy-to-use website.
The service’s new features are:

New Logo, New Name
NSOHelpline.com is about helping people with their NSO certificates, online or through the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. After nearly 13 years of service, an effort to reintroduce the service is in order: Our new name communicates that we can be reached by a click or call. It shows that we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready and willing to be of service. It is THE fast and hassle-free way of getting your NSO certificates.

Check Status Feature
We carefully track each and every transaction that goes thru NSOHelpline.com. Simply use the check status feature on the site to find out where your certificate is at anytime during the process. Just enter your 10-digit reference number on the check status page and the current status of your NSO request will be displayed instantly.

New and Easy to fill out Assisted Web Form
We carefully reworded our order entry web form to make it easier for everyone to fill out the details we need to request for your NSO certificates. The information required is presented clearly with validating virtually assisted questions prompted at the appropriate times to help you.

This simply makes getting your information right on the first time. With virtual assistance prompting you at the right moment, there has never been an easier way to request for an NSO certificate.

The new assisted web form, is a product of 13 years of experience and hard work by our customer service professionals and development team. It is simply the best and easiest way of getting an NSO certificate online.

Even More Payment Options
After requesting for your NSO certificate, we now offer a number of expanded payment channels. Just select which one best fits your convenience: credit card or Bancnet online, over the counter via Metrobank, Bayad Center or Bancnet ATM.

Credit card payments can be made onsite securely, quickly, and with just a click.
Bancnet Online empowers you to process payments using your Bancnet account.
Metrobank payment can be done over the counter by filling-up a payment slip and     transacting with the bank teller.
Bayad Center also accepts payment for your NSO certificates. Simply fill-up the payment slip and process it through the cashier.
Bancnet ATM payments can also be done by going and transacting at your nearest ATM.

For more details:

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  1. hi good eve. . i pay my nso through byad center just this afternoon around 4:30, i track it just now its like they didnt recieve my payment yet. how long should they receive it?

  2. anonymous
    hows ur deal here? is this legit?

  3. Hi Jove, NSO Helpline.com is very legit, they are actually a partner of NSO and they have fast and easy transaction, I have tried they services 3 times already and based on my experience, they are quite efficient. I fully recommend it :) Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. i got married 2003 UAE i got my NSO copy 2012.now my sisterin law told me that my marriage is not valid.my husband got married again.what can i do pls help me watcto do

  5. Hi.. I pay my nso trough metrobank on june 16, i already check my status and shoud've receive it yesterday june 18.. But until now we are still not receiving my nso copy.. Help pls!

  6. hey! good day sir/madam this is Jenalyn Bon i ordered my NSO Birth Certificate last week i never receive it yet. this just to follow up my order and asking if you could deliver it as soon as possible.

  7. good day! This is Jenalyn Bon i ordered my NSO Birth Certificate last week but i never receive it yet. This, to follow up my order and asking if you could deliver it as soon as possible. I really need it now, as what i've ordered before its for my school requirement.

  8. It's very fast actually. I ordered a birth certificate on Friday so I expected to receive it Wednesday (I didn't count the weekends) but I received it on Tuesday.

  9. Hi good day gusto ko lang po malaman if pede ko po malaman dito if ny nso birth certificate aqo kasi i check it at the municipal registrar pero wala daw my name is
    Maricris Perez Mendoza..thankyou

  10. Hey!!!!!!! Its been 3 days already!!!! Where is that nso birth cert?!! Is this a scam!!!!

  11. I think there is a big problem with this company nsohelpline, per their advertisement 2-3 days delivery.but 5 na Walla pa.

  12. I ordered mine saturday, 23 jul.. one week na wala pa dn? Sumbong ko kayo kay tatay digong!

    1. Ask ko po sna Kong no anggapoy nyo na po ung birth certificate nyo po daily balak ko sana mgbyad bukas slamat