Tout ce qui Brille (All That Glitters) Movie Review

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm glad that at least I get to watch one film  from the French Film Festival at Shang Cineplex yesterday with a good friend of mine. I actually missed watching Cine Europa. Those were our College Days when we watch all days free movie at Shangri la. I love watching Foreign films. It makes me feel that I'm also there living with them, understanding their language, catching up with subtitles, learning their cultures and being fascinated with the beautiful places other countries have.

The Movie:

Ely and Lila are like two sisters. They have known each other since childhood, share everything and dream together of another life. They live in the same suburb, just ten minutes from Paris. Today, Ely and Lila no longer want to be ten minutes from their lives. From little mix-ups to big lies, they will do everything to try and enter a world that is not theirs where everything seems possible. 

I like this movie, typical story about friendship and family but it gives you something to ponder about. I actually love the part of Ely and her Dad. She has a close knit family wherein her father always pick her up when she's about to go home. Maybe because I miss my Dad that's why I almost cried in the scene where her Dad forgave her because there was a scene there where Ely was with her "new" cool friends and she asked her Dad to pick her up since she can't find Lila. But to her dismay, her new friends asked her to join them for a night cap and just when they were about to go out, her Dad came and they said nasty things about him while Ely just stood there like a statue. There were funny scenes as well especially when their friend Carolle is involved. She's always shouting and irritated but in a funny way. :)

Anyway, I'm happy and proud to have a family that I have right now. We may not be rich and famous but we love one another and we do everything just to make everything work out. I'm also blessed to have a amazing friends that stick with me through thick and thin. 

watch the trailer here:

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