Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Review

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mirror Mirror is a lighter film compared to another movie adaptation of Snow White which is Snow White and the Huntsman.

It has a lot of funny scenes that turned into a musical by the end of the movie.
Before I watched this movie, I was a bit a bit skeptical if it will turn out great since I watched Snow White & The Huntsman first before this movie but after watching it, my views changed. This is in fact a very nice movie, I love how they pick the characters plus the set designs, the gowns..i totally love it!

Since this is a classic fairy tale, Lily Collins is perfect for the role of Snow White, she embodies the naive-gullible-pretty-porcelain skinned girl that never fails to show kindness and love to everyone she meets not to mention our handsome Prince Alcott which is portrayed by none other than Armie Hammer. 

The Story

Snow White's (Lily Collins) evil step-mother (Julia Roberts) has taken over her father's lovely kingdom and turned the once happy place into a dark, poor and cold place where the subjects are over taxed. As Snowhite turns 18, the step-mother orders her to be killed. She survives and with the help of seven dwarfs tries to bring prosperity back to the kingdom and win a prince's heart.

It also subtly puts some serious political themes in a very light-hearted manner. Snow White in this version is not just beauty, but also physical strength and beauty as she fights off her step-mother (feminist themes), the ruler of the kingdom, literally. 
Thus its message: rulers come and go, but justice must remain a constant. When it is not, one is duty bound to fight.
Julia does a good job of an evil, jealous step-mother while Lily has the charms of an Audrey Hepburn in her young days. The seven dwarfs, played by people you have seen for long in movies and on TV, do their job immaculately.

The story of Mirror Mirror is not new but the screenplay is done with plenty of originality and look of this movie is fantastic. Mirror Mirror is an enjoyable movie for whole family. 

watch the trailer here:

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