Coca Cola Security Cameras Viral Video and Art Gallery :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The ‘Coca-Cola’ Art Gallery is a collection of images that has been designed by leading artists and designers. They have all depicted their own interpretation of ‘The Coke Side of Life’ philosophy.

The work of the artists reflects various styles, personalities and cultures, and all designs have one thing in common: they are colourful explosions of energy, optimism and happiness.
Throughout its 120-year history, advertising and communication has played a vital role in shaping ‘Coca-Cola’ into an iconic, cultural and timeless brand. Over the years, ‘Coca-Cola’ has continually challenged artists and agencies to create innovative refreshing images.
The diverse backgrounds of the contributing artists and designers, has resulted in a range of images that reflect different cultures and societies. By combining the iconic original glass bottle image with up-to-date illustration techniques and styles, the artists have given rise to a progressive style of visual expression.

‘Coca-Cola’ has always had a strong artistic heritage having been famously interpreted by artists such as Haddon Sundblom, Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol who have all reflected the social and cultural attitudes of the time.

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A new viral video is encouraging viewers to "look at the world differently."

Titled "Coca Cola Security Cameras," the video features coca-cola security camera footage from different countries which captured  random acts of kindness, heroism and some happy moments which often go unreported.

The feel-good clip is actually an ad from Coke Latin America.

"People tend to associate security cameras with negative events, but we wanted to disprove that assumption by demonstrating the abundance of happy events and actions they capture," said creative director Martin Mercado.

Check out below the said video, which has amassed more than 2 million hits on Youtube as of posting time.

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