FILEBOOK: Your First Digital Content Platform in the Philippines

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do you love watching movies? Are you fascinated with Korean Drama, Koreanovela, or Korean Movies? (I'm a big fan of Korean Drama, I always wanted to be updated with the latest Korean series) or are you the type of person who wants to keep updated with the latest music or TV series? addicted to games? Worry no more because Filebook is here to save the day. :-) 

Filebook is the first digital content platform in the Philippines. An online digital content trading avenue (web-based data storage) where as an individual can conviniently and easily shared various forms of digital content using an environtment of stable distribution infrastracture through internet infrastracture such as high speed internet traffic, high-end servers, large storage and the like. FILEBOOK sets a high value on P2P sharing environment. We also provide a new model based on the so called "Cloud System" which makes your sharing and storing of data more easy. 
Their mission is to to provide quality digital content to every individual and to be the leading innovator of digital content platform in the Philippines.
We all know that Filipinos love to watch movies, from foreign one to locally produced. When a new movie has been released on the cinemas, we will surely watch it or if we don't have time to go to a movie house, we will buy or rent a dvd just to see it. But not until today, the technologyy has been changed and so does the way how we watch a movie.  With the fast- paced evolution of the internet world today, we now have more options to watch our favorite movies online without going outside our house. Downloading from an online movie site is the new trend now and with that a new era of digital content world has been born, introducing Filebook, your first digital content platform in the Philippines.

Nowadays, the entire online environment is improving and changing rapidly. People are highly dependable on the internet from a simple research, movie downloads to buying online. As the amount of digital content  continues to rise, the demand for a higher quality of digital content is very visible. And with that Filebook is providing a high-class inter-personal digital content trading system which offers the concept of both system required for the evolution of the trading service and the traffic required for the evolution of the transport directly going beyond existing  simple file sharing (P2P) trading services at a cheaper cost.

To cope up with this changing market conditions,  diverse and numerous digital contents can easily trade-in directly to consumers through the use of Filebook. Filebook offers a new paradigm of interpersonal selling and trading of digital content which is the core concept this business.

it gets better!

Filebook is launching their very first contest  “Sign-Up to Win” contest and get a chance to  own this cool iPod Touch. Cool huh?:-)

The mechanics are so simple. Sign up to Filebook page @ and be a member. FREE TO SIGN UP! Share this message to all your friends and invite them to be a member as well. Gather more friends to sign up and they will reward you for that. 

Please click the picture for more details:


For more information regarding this contest, please visit Filebook's official facebook page @ Or follow Filebook on Twitter @!/filebookph

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start to invite your friends and experience the digital world to its new perspective. :-)

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