Monday, February 06, 2012

Dove Damage Therapy’s Shampoo Range, SRP110.00 per 180ml bottle

A hair care brand that's loved and respected around the world has finally arrived in the Philippines. Dove unveils its latest breakthrough and changes the face of hair care with Dove Damage Therapy. Born from the same legacy of quality and care in skincare, Dove’s latest hair care line boasts of a formulation that is proven effective versus competitors in  the market. 

Known for products that deliver superior care, Dove is a brand committed to providing advanced care solutions through deeply nourishing and replenishing depleted hair that is experiencing dryness and damage. It has leveraged its legacy of quality and care to create a hair care range that uses superior moisturisation** and internal repair solution to take care of the damage and to restore hair’s beauty, softness and smoothness.

Considered as World Hair Expert in Damage Care for its exceptional ability to repair internal and external damage, Dove Hair allows women to have fun with their hair while it takes care of the damage. 

The secret? Three special ingredients that prevent damage and keep hair moisturised and beautiful:
Micro-Moisture Serum moisturizes hair to defend it against continuous aggression that causes hair to become dry, brittle and prone to damage. 
Nutri-Oil Complex helps prevent frizz with its perfect blend of natural oils that to deeply moisturise dry hair without leaving greasy feel.
Fiber Actives heals your hair from the inside. Unlike that of other damage-repair products, it penetrates the internal hair fibers to reconstruct hair and  to restore broken protein bonds bringing hair back to an almost virgin state.

Dove Damage Therapy’s Conditioner Range, SRP108.90 per 180ml tube

Dove Damage Therapy presents 4 variants that focus on specific problem areas that cause hair damage: Straight and Silky, Nourishing Oil Care, Hair Fall Rescue and Intense Repair.

Straight and Silky is specifically designed for lightly-damaged hair that is generally dry and rough to the touch.  It keeps hair straight and smooth for a stunning look that will turn heads anywhere you go. For dull and frizzy hair that lacks lustre and shine, Dove Damage Therapy’s Nourishing Oil Care gives you 99% smoother and shinier hair that’s beautifully soft and manageable. When your hair is exposed to harsh environment and styling tools, it becomes weak and prone to breakage and hair fall. Experience 98% less hair fall with Dove Damage Therapy ‘s Hair Fall Rescue as it restores your hair’s radiance bringing its bounce back to life. Dove Hair created its most intense variant--Intense Repair—which focuses on severely damaged hair due to frequent styling and other environmental factors.
Intense Repair offers 9 times less split ends in just 3 washes. Look gorgeous and feel confident with your gorgeous and revitalized hair from Dove.

Dove Damage Therapy also has a complete range of post-shampoo treatments to nourish hair and make it resilient to damage:

Dove Damage Therapy’s Daily Treatment Conditioner, SRP149.00 per bottle

Daily Treatment Conditioner is a dual phase treatment that intensively conditions dry, rough and frizzy hair. A next generation conditioner boosted with the repairing power of a treatment, Dove Hair’s Daily Treatment Conditioner can replace your ordinary conditioner  to achieve amazingly stronger, smoother and softer hair. 

Dove Damage Therapy’s Treatment Mask, SRP253.00 per 200ml tub

Dove Damage Therapy's Treatment Mask is a weekly treatment that protects your hair  from damaging styling habits and environmental factors as it reconstructs internal structure of the hair while masking it from future damage.

Dove Damage Therapy’s Overnight Treatment, SRP384.00 per 120ml bottle

Wake up to dramatically transformed hair with Dove’s Overnight Treatment. It gives each strand the chance to experience 8 hours of replenishment for a deeper type of repair that restores depleted protein in just one night without leaving marks to your pillow when you wake up. Use at least once a week for beautifully revitalized hair.

Dove Damage Therapy’s 2 Step Treatment, SRP192.00 per 20ml pack

Dove Damage Therapy’s revolutionary 2-Step Treatment intensively repairs hair that is exposed to frequent styling. Step 1: With its patented Fiber Actives, it penetrates deep into the hair to help replenish lost proteins. Step 2: Its Repair-Lock innovation seals in repair, leaving hair transformed and soft to touch without the need to rinse.

Dove Damage Therapy’s Serum, SRP239.00 per 40ml bottle

Dove Damage Therapy’s Serum instantly makes hair smooth, soft and shiny anytime, anywhere allowing it to fall into place and frizz-free all day without surface greasiness.

Be one of the amazing women who truly feel confident and beautiful and come across a ground-breaking experience as Dove Hair takes on the world, one beautiful hair at a time.

Based from experience since I'm currently using Dove shampoo & conditioner right now, it totally works :) 
My hair is bouncy, shinny and really soft. Take it from me, I can really say Dove takes care of the damage :)


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  1. U guys have shampoo that could make the hair black?

  2. I don't know if there's any men shampoo that can make your hair black. Try to search for it online.

    ~Pauline @Kallony