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Monday, February 06, 2012

If ever you're wondering and you're so clueless why wherever you look, there are hearts everywhere, well it's past time that you should know that a week from now, Valentines Day will be celebrated worldwide. It's not that everyone is required to celebrate this special day, it's just that most of us are used to go around and find something special to give to our love ones or even to our friends and family members simple because it's Valentines Day. There are some people who even feel pressured when Valentines Day is just around the corner, why?

1. They are LOVELESS
Yes, it's true! a lot of people whether they admit it or not that if Valentines Day arrived and they're still single,they felt more alone than ever. I don't see the reason why. You still have your friends and your family. Plus, you can also ask why you came to that point, maybe because you should be able to love yourself more before getting into a relationship.

2. They don't have plans yet
Especially for the guys out there. We have to admit that we, girls, expect more from our significant other especially on this day. We wanted to feel special but, you can always make her feel special by doing the right thing, make her feel loved or appreciate her/him. 

3. Work
When you have deadlines and your work is so demanding, holiday season is never an option but, just like what my friend said, you can always spend Valentines Day everyday of the year. Do it when you're not busy. :)

So what are ways to make your love one feel special and appreciated this Valentines Day?

PHGIFTS.COM is a leading online gifts and flower shop through out the years that delivers anywhere in the Philippines As the leading online florists, it is their personal commitment to create long term relationships with their customers, their goal is to exceed the customers' expectations with quality, value and professional service. :) They are reliable and secured online shop. You can order Valentines gift from them or bouquet of flowers then be delivered right on the dot. :)

PhGifts is here to rescue you from your troubling mind and pressure from all the hustle and bustle of this Love season. What can be more sweeter and cute that sending roses bouquet to your love ones! :) PhGifts has a wide array of roses bouquet to choose from, you can even buy one for yourself! :) 

Three dozen pink, red,peach, orange and yellow roses in a bouquet, Valentines Day, friend

This roses bouquet comes with a personalized card, you can also add the vase to add more impression to it. You can also add a teddy bear or chocolates if you want to make it more grandeur! :) 
So what are waiting for? check out their amazing site for more details:

You can also reach them through:

YM:    phgifts_com
MSN: phgifts_com
AOL:  phgifts
Or you may contact
Contact Numbers: +632-4087450/+63915-398-85-74

Advance Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Wow, there are variety of flowers all were looking so much great and really have the power of attraction, Great work done PH gifts.