I need a deep, deep breath

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I just bumped into this video since someone asked me to download it and I really liked the video. :) Although the song plus the lyrics itself, I can say that I can relate to it. There are times, even if you're with someone or there are plenty of people around you, you still can't help but feel ALONE. Why is that? maybe there's this longing of bringing back those times that were changed. People who changed. But we can never haul them back right?


The only thing that keeps me on my feet and to believe I can really do this, is my Future..my Dreams.

Though I've braced myself enough to digest all these, but it appears I have not even bitten it. Tuloy ngayon nalulunod ako sa sarili kong takot at kaba. I can't seem to find positive energies!! I NEED to become the person they expect me to be and the person of strength I heaven forbid needed to be.

I'm serious and I don't think this past few months is treating me well. Where is the power when I needed it the most? Where??!! I'm pressure-covered head to toe muscle to skin. Haaay...But I really hope I can cope up with all this negative vibes around me. I know there's this perfect reason why all of these are happening right now. Stay positive girl. Chin up. You've come this far.

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