Kamayan sa Mang Inasal

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another week has passed and it's another Saturday fun weekend with the family, when we're almost home, we suddenly felt hungry when we pass by Mang Inasal. We decided to stop over and eat our dinner there.

Whenever we get to eat at Mang Inasal, it's always a fun-filled rice marathon dinner or lunch. I can't help but admit that I really love eating here, it feels home and the unlimited rice is a big plus. That night we ordered our usual orders. We ordered PM2 (Grilled Pecho Chicken) with Sinigang soup, rice in banana leaf then of course unlimited rice for only P99.00. What more can we ask for? When you're eating a mouth watering food like this, it is highly encouraged to eat with bare hands, "mag-kamay na tayo!". I also love my very own "sawsawan". Soy sauce, calamansi and sili then voila! perfect for chicken.

After that, I get to count how many cups of rice I got and guess what, I had 3 cups of rice. Unbelievable.  When ordered Sorbetes Baso P25.00 for dessert. Selecta Ice cream in three flavors which is ube, chocolate and cheese. Just right. 

My verdict for my favorite restaurant? I will never get tired of eating here, perfect for family bonding eat out. Totally worth it eating here. 

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