Love as I see it

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love can be defined in many ways, as for this picture, I chose Friendship as one of the many forms of how I SEE LOVE. A friend is someone that everyone needs, someone you tell EVERYTHING, someone that is always there, who will always listen to you, who will never leave you in the dust, who will help you and support you through thick and thin, who will stand by your side and will never let you down and lastly a friend is someone who will accept you for who you are and will bring out the best in you. 

We've been friends since college and I must say we've been through the happiest and toughest times. Up until now, we stay strong and we never lose contact with eahc other despite our hectic schedules. Time makes friendship stronger and that's how I see Love through our FRIENDSHIP. :)

This is my entry to “Love as I see it". A project of flowers Philippines.

Visit their website at and their facebook page as well. :)

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