Sweet November: Movie Review

Saturday, July 16, 2011

“This is it. Life will never be better, nor sweeter than this.”

It is a wonderful movie. It’s inspiring and thought provoking on how we should live our lives and who we should share them with.

The story evolves on Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) is a selfish San Francisco workaholic who devotes all of his considerable energies to his job as a hotshot ad agency wizard. He is driven by his cell phone, watch, and wall of TV monitors. His girlfriend (Lauren Graham) is just another object in his collection of things and she knows it. And his best friend Vince (Greg Germann) is a mirror image of his own worst qualities — thoughtlessness, insensitivity, and greediness.

While taking a driver’s test, Nelson asks a stranger, Sara Deever (Charlize Theron), for help with an answer. She’s thrown out of the examination room, told not to return for a month, but she doesn’t turn him in. Later, she demands that since she can’t drive, Nelson should give her a ride home. She even makes him an odd proposition: he can move into her funky apartment for a month and let her take him under her wings. After he loses a key account, is fired from his job, and his girlfriend walks out, this bewildered soul is ready to try anything. “I have a special ability to help men with problems,” Sara assures him as he moves in for the month of November.
Sadly I feel that it had an ending that was less than what it should have and could have been.  I detest bad endings, but this movie is worth watching.
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