Green Lantern 2011 movie review

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks to OpenRice, I managed to get a Green Lantern passes and get to watch this cool movie although I was tempted to watch Super 8 but nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie.
The latest superhero reboot, Warner Bros.’ reinterpretation of the comic book character, stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard. Directed by Martin Campbell and honestly, at first I wasn’t that tempted to watch this movie because I’ve read bad reviews about it but I prove them wrong, it’s worth watching anyway.

At least for most of us especially for COMIC lovers, this movie will prompt another question to all of us, “how many MORE comic-based superhero with amazing powers and responsibility will hit the movie screens for the nest coming months?” Well, I for one really don’t mind, I am actually enjoying it :)
Known to multiple generations of comic book fans through various incarnations that have sprung up since 1940, Green Lantern possesses powers that would be the envy of many another hero, including virtually infinite strength to unleash and ward off destruction, as well as the ability to propel himself quickly into the deep reaches of space and back. In the movie, they stressed that much that they will only be successful in doing their responsibility if they can overcome fear and stay focused on their will power. Obviously, Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds can’t overcome the fear that he has within and all throughout the movie, he can never get over the fact that maybe, somehow, he was not the chosen one.  Hal, suffered a terrible tragedy in his youth; his beloved test pilot father went up in flames before his very eyes. Courting the same fate himself, little Hal Jordan also grew up to become a fearless airman, a mad daredevil whose abiding policy with both plane crashes and with women is to be able to walk away from them. He was a lady’s man, always toying with women and enjoys it. Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), a fellow flier and aviation heiress who nonetheless has eyes only for the reckless Hal have seen him grow and fears that she might lose him because of his recklessness.

The action begins when the real threat Parallax, who eventually attacks Earth in the visually disarming form of a scary, shape-changing, fire-breathing, octopus-like brown cloud. Faced with such an opponent, Hal packs away his misgivings once and for all to embrace his new powers and cleverly lure Parallax to the one place that might doom him. Fire or the Sun. SPOILER ALERT!!! :)
Apparently, there’s a sequel on this movie and hopefully it will be more action packed. I like Blake Lively on this film. Not really a weakly when it comes to leading ladies of the superheroes. Just like Katie Holmes before. Blake Lively managed to push through and she is oozing with sex appeal.
I can rate this movie with 8 stars. Ryan Reynolds yes I am being bias but well, he is fit for Green Lantern. I can’t imagine any other hunk actor that could portray it with more justice. Now, let’s just wait for the sequel and of course the gross income of this movie soon.

watch the trailer here:

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