Daddy's Away...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's not forget that this coming Sunday is Father's Day and although we really don't get to celebrate it that much, I want to greet all those great father, grandfathers out there a Happy Father's Day. 

I used to be a Daddy's girl way back when I was still a kid. I would always ask my Dad to buy me new-cool toys that my Mom would never approve of. Being the only child, there are times I get what I want especially when I get to talk to My Dad. He works as a Chief cook at Dubai and will always be the greatest cook in my eyes. He cooks so well that even a King will bow to his excellence but mind you, he didn't get to study on culinary schools. Back in their days, experience is what taught them to be good on something. He didn't get to go to college since their parents can't afford to do so but he was smart in fact my Dad graduated with honors in high school. He was Valedictorian. I miss his cooking though. Ever since my Mom and Dad separated, I didn't get the chance to talk to him that much anymore. The truth is, It was just me and my Mom all this years. I'm thankful that God has plans and He has ways. We managed to push through with the help of our blessed relatives and all who supported us but nevertheless, I never hated my Dad for all the things that happened to us, I actually miss having a Dad around, someone who would assure that everything will be alright. 

But guess what, My Mom is also my Dad. She shouldered all the responsibilities of what a Father can do and she did it all with flying colors. That's how tough my Mom is and I am really blessed. Even though my Dad won't be able to read this because I really do not know where he is right now, there so much that has been said and done and if the time comes that I will ever to meet him again, I will just be glad to see him again. 

For those who have lost their fathers, I'm sure they've live a good life and they are now where they belong. Praying that you are always on the right track and even though he may not be around physically, he may be with you spiritually. 

For those who have experienced bad things about their father, who never treated them well or have experienced the worst and wished they never had a father to begin with..I am deeply sorry about it. I'm sure time will come that forgiveness will still be present, and regrets will no longer be uttered. There will come a time that they will also realize what they've done. 

I will also remember my grandfather who I is also a hero in my eyes. Hermogenes Dizon. He's in heaven right now and for sure he belongs there. He has lived a wonderful life and guided his children well. I felt sad that I didn't get that that much chance to hang out with him. I hope he'll have a wonderful Father's Day up there.

To all the Father's out there, Happy Father's Day. This is the special day to show your Dad that you are grateful for having him around so do it while there's still time. Every little time that we have with our parents matters. We should treasure it. If you want, you can dance with your Father too. :)

Luther Vandross - Dance with my Father 

Celine Dion Version - Dance with my Father

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