Selecta Gold Label Series: Caramel Cheesecake

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer has just officially ended and too early in fact. There are times I can still feel the burn of the scorching sun. Because of this, I have succumbed to the calls of the ice cream calling me. Thanks to 7-11 for giving me this wonderful chance of trying out SELECTA' s newest ice cream flavor which is CARAMEL CHEESECAKE. It is still the season to give in to the call of ice cream and just forget about the diet. It is too hot nowadays so it is good to have a gallon, a cup or pint of ice cream.

Selecta has been in the business for a long, long time, and their ice creams have been around too. This flavor is actually a Gold Label created by  Manila’s finest chefs to satisfy discriminating palates without breaking one’s budget. The flavors are Vanilla Almond is the masterpiece of Chef Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad’s Cafe, one of the country’s most awarded culinary experts. This mouthwatering vanilla ice cream is loaded with roasted whole almonds from California’s Great Valley and golden caramel fudge. Then there's Chocolate Truffles, Berry Strawberry, and Hazelnut Brownie. Chef Sau del Rosario used his childhood love for brownies to create Hazelnut Brownie, a mouthwatering mixture of ground hazelnut paste and rich chocolate ice cream laden with moist fudge brownies. Berry Strawberry was created by Chef J Gamboa, another Culinary Institute of America graduate and third generation restauranteur. By combining plump, sun-ripened strawberries with French vanilla ice cream, this is another heavenly treat. Chocolate truffles is created by Rolando Laudico, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, this creamy confection features bittersweet chocolate set against a milk chocolate base lashed with generous swirls of dark chocolate fudge.

I've been a great fan of Selecta products and I can say that I am really satisfied with their ice creams. 

The Caramel Cheesecake is also a must try, being the latest of the Gold label series, I actually love this another flavor. I love the creaminess of it and the caramel swirls which I liked because I could actually see the swirls and how thick they are. Compared to other ice creams, Selecta has a lot more fillings. I can taste the wholeness of the flavor which is Caramel and a tinge of cheesecake, it's like eating a cake as well. Not so sweet yet can be really addicting. Another premium ice cream that is worth buying for the price of P38.00 (100ml) cup. Annie Tanco, the  owner of Bizu Patisserie (which gets its name from the French word for kiss, bisou) created it, gave it a two thumbs up and is endorsing it as well. As you can see on the poster.

This is a nice treat for those who love not-so-sweet ice cream. So, what are waiting for? Check out the latest Gold label ice cream and don't let your mouth just water, you deserve a treat, only from Selecta. You can buy this at any 7-11 stores nationwide. 

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