How to reinvent and experiment your Fashion Style

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Balance is the key. Having your own personal style whether you love y2k clothing, bohemian, streetwear, pop or casual, it doesn't matter since being self-expressive is a whole new level of being a fashionista. Fashion or personal style doesn't have to be complicated. Just be true to yourself and the rest will follow. 

How do you stay true to your personal style? Check out these few tips that might help:
Be True to yourself 
There's no other person who knows you other than yourself. Always dress with your comfort zone and don't mind what other people will say.  If you love baby tees then go for it, if you love jogger pants and boots, why not? love printed shirts and denim jackets? go for it! Wear it with confidence and love. 

Make a Statement
It is really important to say what you feel and you can do this by wearing statement shirts. The first thing people see is what you are wearing and statement shirts are very eye-catching. You cna start with funny baby tees or just pick your favorite quote from a book or movie even a korean drama then voila! You don't have to limit it with statement shirts, it could be anything, to a studded bag, fur boots, trendy cowboy hat or sparkling necklace. This could be a start of a whole new you. 

Experiment a Whole New You
It doesn't have to be a bold change, you can do a step by step experiment on how to change your wardrobe that you've been planning the whole time. If you have been wearing black for quite some time, why not start with pastel colors or white. You can also try to mix and match clothes from a y2k clothing store from dress to jackets and baby tees and find your daring side. It's never too late! This can be challenging at first but you can do it. You'll be surprised that you will also enjoy the process and the outcome. People will appreciate you more if you know how to enjoy and have an adventurous side within you waiting to be unleashed. 

Always remember to be bold but don't over do it. Making a bad impression when it comes to wearing something odd is not worth it but always remember that being fashionable without hurting yourself and other people is a good start. If you look at yourself in the mirror and felt good about it then go for it. Be happy and enjoy what life has to offer even when it comes to fashion.

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