From Awareness To Action: MindNation and Belle De Jour 'You Got This' drives hope for mental health in the Philippines

Friday, November 03, 2023

Last October 20-22, MindNation and Belle De Jour Power Planner held its inaugural on-ground event "You Got This! Creating Safe Spaces, Crafting Tomorrows" at the East Wing of the Shangri La Plaza. The event aimed to celebrate World Mental Health Day, raise mental health awareness and drive action towards investing in better well-being in communities and workplaces.

During this 3-day gathering, attendees immersed themselves in engaging talks and interactive workshops by mental health experts and advocates. Topics ranged from how to create safe spaces at work to gaining confidence, all highlighting the need for fostering supportive environments to build growth and resilience.

“Mental health is a continuum, where we could be fine one moment but get triggered the next,” said MindNation Chief WellBeing Officer Eiza Fusingan-Lappay. “It’s important we build safe spaces and support each other during challenging times.” 
“Community-based mental health is our future,” adds The Millennial Psychologist Riyan Portuguez. “With mental health awareness increasing due to conversations like these, there is now also an increasing demand for more support and resources.”

And finally, tv host, athlete, and World Vision Ambassador Kim Atienza had this to say: “We are in the mindset of a mental health epidemic. Let’s be salt and light to all those we know and meet. We can all do our part to help others achieve Better Mind, Better You.” 

To promote the accessibility and affordability of their teletherapy services, MindNation offered “You Got This” attendees complimentary  15-minute one-on-one chats with MindNation psychologists and WellBeing Coaches on-site. Those interested to book full one- hour teletherapy sessions enjoyed up to 50% discount on teletherapy sessions.  

Recognizing the importance of effective planning and organization in the quest to support and promote mental health, Belle De Jour highlighted and offered special discounts for their 2024 BDJ Planner Collection. The 2024 BDJ planner collection comprises four distinct planners: Everything is Possible Planner, Work-Life Balance Planner, Health & Wellness Planner, and the Financial Freedom Planner. These planners are not just tools for organizing daily tasks; they also serve as a guide in achieving balance, wellness, and success in all aspects of one’s life.

“On behalf of Belle De Jour, it was truly inspiring to witness the community engaging in meaningful conversations about mental health and well-being. 'You Got This!' has been an incredible journey," remarked Darlyn Ty-Nilo, Founder and President of Belle De Jour Power Planner.

"The incredible turnout and enthusiasm for 'You Got This!' reaffirms the importance of fostering open dialogues about mental health and making resources accessible and affordable to those who need them. We are honored to have provided a platform for those who wish to embark on a journey ," said Cat Triviño, Co-founder and Chief Product & Data Officer at MindNation.

You Got This 2023 served as a powerful testament to the growing importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being, underscoring the value of open conversations, education, and accessible resources. MindNation and Belle De Jour hope that the event sets a promising precedent for future discussions and initiatives on mental health and holistic wellness.

“You Got This! Creating Safe Spaces, Crafting Tomorrows” is in partnership with Mental Health PH and Shangri-La Plaza, and supported by The Love Institute, Weremote, Yoga Love, Photobook, Clara Ole, Commune, FRNK, and When In Manila. 


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