Meet AQ Prime Music's New P-POP Soloist — ZÉLA

Saturday, October 07, 2023

AQ Prime Music recently created a big buzz when they entered the music industry and introduced the newest PPOP boy band BILIB which is now making a huge following in the country. 

Last October 6, at Prime Hotel Quezon City, AQ Prime Music introduced another new artist, this time a  soloist that will surely make a big impact in the music scene with her energetic and sultry moves plus her passion in singing and song writing. Meet ZÈLA

Zéla is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter, rapper and dancer that started in the USA. She's been writing songs since she was younger, her genre is a mix of different musical styles because she likes challenging herself. Continuing her music career as the first P-pop Soloist of AQ Prime Music, Zéla is ready to share her craft to inspire more people through her music.

AQ Prime President and CEO Atty. Aldwin Alegre, COO, Atty. Honey Quiño and Zèla 

Zèla with PPOP group BILIB

According to Zèla, she was inspired to enter the music industry by her family who pushed her to achieve her dreams because they know that this is her passion and ever since she was a kid, she really loves to sing. Although she also loves acting, if ever there will be an offer, she would also grab the opportunity but for now, she wants to focus on honing her craft and growing more so that she can make her supporters proud of her.

Watch the Media Conference of Zèla

Zèla composed her debut song "Karma" which is according to her was based from an experience of her friend. Although she might be the target of most boys because of her good looks and amazing personality, she is currently single right now and love life is not her priority for now.  She loves writing songs and drew inspirations from the people around her, she wishes to collaborate with Sarah Geronimo and Moira in the future and her greatest idol Olivia Rodrigo. 

Zèla is thankful and grateful to AQ Prime Music for making her one step closer to her dreams of becoming a full pledge artist. AQ Prime Music honed her talent in singing, she attended workshops and other training facilities with PPOP Bilib to improve her capabilities and confidence. Now, more than ever, she is ready to conquer not just the Philippines but the world with her music. She is very optimistic that her songs will surely be loved by many and at the same time people can also relate to it. 


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