Carmona Elevated to Cityhood, Lays Plans for Greater Economic Growth

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Carmona, a vibrant municipality in the province of Cavite, commemorates a significant milestone as it achieves cityhood status, marking a turning point in its development journey as it positions itself to attract businesses and foreign direct investments (FDIs) on an expanded scale.

Carmona City Mayor Dr. Dahlia Loyola stated that the cityhood brings advantages to Carmona’s economic growth and development. In addition to increased resources and enhanced autonomy in decision-making, Carmona aims to gain a competitive edge by offering lower business taxes than neighboring cities. These strategies provide a solid foundation for Carmona’s advancement and prosperity, particularly in attracting more investors and making the city a compelling choice for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic and business-friendly environment.

We are proud to commemorate this milestone with our residents and stakeholders. This celebration not only signifies our progress but also highlights the unity and vibrancy of our community. We look forward to a future filled with even more opportunities and achievements.” said Mayor Dr. Loyola.

As part of the cityhood celebration, Carmona organized a four-day celebration marked by various activities that commenced with the opening of the CARMONEGOSYO Food Trade Fair, a showcase of local culinary delights that not only celebrated Carmona’s rich food culture but also highlighted the potential for economic growth and local business development.

Commencing the cityhood celebration of Carmona are, from left to right: Hon. Bernie Ortiz; Hon. Rebecca Reyes; Hon. Amable Lontok; DTI CALABARZON Regional Director Revelyn Cortez; Hon. Maximo Acbay; Congressman Roy M. Loyola; Hon. Domingo Tenedero; Hon. Cesar L. Ines, Jr.; Hon. Roel Manarin. 

The festivities also included a grand two-day cityhood celebration marked by Pasasalamat Community Concert, thanksgiving mass, and a free concert culminating with the Comelec Declaration after the plebiscite, the democratic process that reflected the citizens’ participation in shaping the new city’s future.

Photo shows rock band Mayonnaise delivering an electrifying performance during the free concert, captivating the audience with their energetic music, as part of the cityhood celebration in Carmona.

Building upon its existing strengths as a home for numerous industrial facilities, Carmona has devised ambitious plans to further propel its growth. According to Congressman Roy Loyola of the 5th District of Cavite, the city will prioritize building a modern city, increasing job opportunities, and cultivating a flourishing business environment, making it a prime location for local and international investors.

As our commitment to continuous progress, one of the major projects that we will take on this year is the Carmona International City (CIC) development. Launching the CIC marks a long-awaited achievement that reflects the aspirations and collective efforts of our community. This milestone fuels optimism and growth plans as we embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a beacon of progress and success,” Cong. Loyola said.

Accepting the Municipal Certificate of Canvass and Proclamation are: (starting sixth from left) Congressman Roy M. Loyola;  Vice Mayor Cesar L. Ines Jr.; Mayor Dr. Dahlia A. Loyola; Atty. Mitzele Veron L. Morales-Castro of COMELEC; Atty. Liza Lorelie S. Levardo-Cruz (Municipal Civil Registrar); Dr. Irma O. Ejanda (DepEd Carmona District Supervisor); and Sangguniang Bayan Members

With the CIC, the district aspires to set global standards and envisions a future characterized by increased employment opportunities, government revenue growth, enhanced real estate value, greater connectivity, and sustainable development. As the city commits to growth and excellence, Carmona is positioning itself as an example of global prominence, embracing innovative solutions and practices that prioritize environmental stewardship and long-term resilience.

The CIC project represents a collaborative effort between the Carmona local government unit, SM Development Corporation (SMDC), and SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH), demonstrating the partnership between government and private institutions in pursuing projects that deliver benefits to all stakeholders and drive inclusive growth.

Carmona's progressive outlook and dedication to growth further reinforce its goal of providing enticing opportunities for investors. With a business-friendly environment, the city plans to introduce incentives to facilitate development and attract investments in the coming years, according to Congressman Loyola.

With its strategic location and robust infrastructure, Carmona is poised to provide a solid foundation for business activities. By being open to specific industries, collaborating with private entities, and adhering to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, Carmona presents an appealing choice for foreign as well as domestic companies while prioritizing the well-being and quality of life of its residents.

As Carmona embraces its cityhood, it invites local and international investors to explore the numerous opportunities within its borders, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and a peaceful environment. 

Carmona's transformation will surpass all expectations. We will make history, crafting a captivating story of global prominence,” Cong. Loyola claimed. “Carmona will become the epitome of a vibrant destination for residents, tourists, and trade partners. Together, we will build a future that exceeds all possibilities.”

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