AQ Prime Music introduces their Male PPOP Group BILIB

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

PPOP scene has been making waves, topping the charts and a game-changing genre in the country.

It is trendy, catchy, and visually appealing to resonate with its relatively young fanbase but beyond that, P-pop tracks hold deeper message with an aim to motivate and empower the listener. PPOP groups in the country has been dominating not only local but also internationally because of their great talent or the musical strength and of course, their charming presence.

AQ Prime Stream is known for its impeccable taste in the entertainment industry. From producing quality movies to managing top-notch talents in the music industry, AQ Prime has always been at the forefront of the entertainment scene. And now, they are raising the bar once again by launching their first-ever P-POP boy group under their subsidiary, AQ Prime Music.

BILIB with AQ Prime star builders 

AQ Prime Music proudly introduces their newest talent BILIB who will surely capture the hearts of many. They were launched last July 10 at Luxent Hotel and prior to this, they already launched their debut single "KABANATA". 


YUKITO | Leader
Re-debuting member & former leader of another P-Pop group, Yukito is set to reinvent himself through another point of view as a member of BILIB. Naturally good with words & with a charming personality, Yukito’s on his way to lead the group towards their goals.

RC | Visuals
From the looks of it, RC is definitely the next apple of the eye in P-POP. But RC is more than just his visuals. With a knack in singing & dancing, watch out for him as he is ready to solidify his mark in the scene.

ZIO | Rapper
He already made his footprints on the P-POP scene with his talent in rap and dance. With nothing to hold him back, Zio is ready to continue his dream as part of BILIB.

CARLO | Lead Vocals
Enigmatic and reserved, Carlo is more than just your typical mysterious guy. He will leave you in awe with what he can bring to the table: his impressive singing and dancing abilities.

RAFAEL | Main Vocals
All the way from Bohol, he crossed borders to fulfill his dreams. An amazing singer and performer, BILIB’s main vocalist is also on his way to be one of the finest producers P-POP has to offer.

JMAC | Lead dancer
With years of experience in performing, he's finally ready for his breakthrough. JMAC is set to shine as the group’s lead dancer. He is ready to move past his old self and succeed in achieving his dream.

CLYDE |Main dancer
With his bubbly personality, Clyde will surely light up the room wherever he goes. A visual in his own right, he is ready to wow the crowd with his boy-next-door looks and his dancing skills.

Watch the Media Conference of BILIB 

During the media conference, Bilib members shared how they prepared and trained for 2 yeats just so they can make the final cut and be launched successfully. Each of them has their own personality, strengths and goals but they all jive together. Most of them shared that their musical influences were the game changer in the PPOP industry which is no less than SB19. They promised that they will work even harder so that they can also be achieve the same stardom and promote the sheer talent of their group. 

Watch the MV of Kabanata by Bilib

Their song KABANATA is perfectly written and the beat also makes you want to dance with them. Surely, this group will capture many hearts locally and globally. 

BILIB will be part of the upcoming PPOPCon Manila Convention this coming July 14-16 at Quantum Skyview, don't miss it! 

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