This is why you should have Cosmolle in your wardrobe

Monday, May 15, 2023

At the end of a long tiring day, most women look forward to is going home to relax and taking off undergarments. It feels free the moment you take it off because now you can freely breathe and move around. Don't you  want to wear a comfortable undergarment whatever the occasion it may be that can make you feel like you're not wearing anything.

The priority of women when it comes to clothes is to find the perfect undergarments or activewear that is comfortable to wear whether you're at home, at work, sports activities, breast feeding or going to special occasions. It should fit you well and from quality materials.

Check out these comfortable and one if a kind bras that offers amazing features to keep you using it everyday.

With Cosmolle, comfort comes first. Their undergarments and activewear collection doesn't compromise comfort just so you would look good but it would also make you feel good inside. 

Cosmolle celebrates different body types, shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyle and age. You are very much welcomed to check out their different offerings that makes you showcase the real you without being uncomfortable wearing it. Lastly, Cosmolle supports sustainability, promises durable and quality products that will not harm the environment and even your wallet. 

Check out some of their wonderful pieces that you will also love:

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

Activewear sets is very popular nowadays because more and more people wanted to have an active and healthy lifestyle and this will surely be an easy task if you are wearing the right clothes. It comes with soft fabric and unique texture, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy that keeps you dry and comfortable during any activity especially hard core exercise. 
  • Eco-comfy fabric with recycled nylon that feels second-skin.
  • No front seam and Anti-cameltoe.
  • Ruched seam for a natural butt-lifting effect.
  • Classic scoop neckline versatile styling, mix&matched with a variety of clothing. 
  • Thumbholes are designed to keep your sleeves in place.
  • Edge-bonded panels for a comfortable effect.
  • A light-impact design offers support for workouts.

AirWear High-Waist Legging

Another "in" thing when it comes to active lifestyle which is mainly always on the go, wearing something light weight, comfy, amazing design and can support your stretching, running, dancing, wearing a high waisted leggings is perfect. This comes in variety of colors and has butt support as well  
  • Eco-comfy fabric with recycled nylon that feels second-skin.
  • Ruched seam for a natural butt-lifting effect.
  • Edge-bonded panels for a comfortable effect.
  • A light-impact design offers support for workouts.
Another thing to take note of is Cosmolle is made from Collagen Polyamide Yarn. Collagen Polyamide Yarn are biomimetic fibers with a unique and permanent coating of collagen. The yarn's weaved together to create a luxurious fabric thus creating their signature buttery-soft fabric. 

Always remember that our top priority should be comfort above anything else, if it doesn't feel right when you are wearing it then it's about time to change your brand and search for something.that offers more. 

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