Meet your newest artista faves! Sparkle Teens ✨

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

These Sparkle Teens will be your newest artista faves! Sparkle is all set to dazzle once more with its newest teen charmers and young stars! Last 2022, GMA Network's talent management arm launched three batches of stars, namely, Sparkle's Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams, and Sparkada. With Sparkle's vision and direction, these artists were able to grow their starpower bigger and brighter than ever before in just a year's time. 

Meet the Sparkle Teens 

Now, Sparkle will be shining the spotlight to these bright, energetic, and bubbly teen stars with the launch of Sparkle Teens. With a mix of former child actors turned teenaged head-turners and completely fresh faces, Sparkle is excited to show the world how these Sparkle Teens shine! 

Sparkle Teens with the ✨ sparkle ✨ makers, Sparkle Senior Vice President Ms. Annette Gozon-Valdes, Sparkle Assistant Vice President Ms. Joy Marcelo, and Sparkle Consultant Johnny "Mr. M" Manahan.

Sparkle consultant and renowned starmaker Mr. M stated that despite their ages, these teens do have "It," that certain quality to make it big and far in showbiz. "[They have the] Enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for the craft. Willing sila mag-workshops, kumuha ng advanced classes [to improve]." 

Watch the highlights of Sparkle Teens
Media Launch

Sparkle's Assistant Vice President Ms. Joy Marcelo believes that the talent agency has prepared the Sparkle Teens well enough for them to take on any challenge that the industryy throws their way. With nothing to dull their shine, these teens will sparkle! "We had these kids go through months of intense workshops before their launch as Sparkle Teens. They trained with the best acting, singing, and dancing coaches to help them become the stars that they're meant to be. No easy task but they pulled through really well, " "Ask any one of them to perform and they will deliver, that's how confident I am with the caliber and star power of our Sparkle Teens. And it's a big plus that these kids genuinely love to perform - they are a joy to watch" 

Additionally, Ms. Ana Feleo, Sparkle's head acting coach, expressed her excitement for the launch of the Sparkle Teens. After playing a major role in their development as artists, she has witnessed their struggles and triumphs and now, all that's left for them to do is flourish. 

"There is no doubt that they are talented, and they all have their unique strengths. They've only started to bloom, and I cannot wait to see how far they will go in this industry that we respect and love." 

Lastly, Sparkle's Senior Assistant Vice President Ms. Annette Gozon-Valdes forecasts a busy and bright future ahead for the Sparkle Teens. "There is so much to look forward to for the Sparkle Teens in the next coming months. To name a few, we have a billboard, music video, and social media campaigns that highlight all of their unique personalities and talents, which fans would not want to miss out on! They will also be cast in teen-oriented shows of GMA, while some are already lined up for different dramas. The teens will also be guestings in All-Out Sundays, which will give viewers the chance to see them in a different light and also get to know them better," "I am truly proud of how far the Sparkle teens have come from day one. These kids are not only good-looking and talented, but they are also very hardworking, humble, sweet, and kind. I am confident that after they are seen showcasing their unique talents, fans will genuinely appreciate them and come to love them as the next big stars of this industry." 

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