E-Palarong Pambansa aims to promote esports as it gather top youth players across the country

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

We used to hear people criticize the younger generation or those who loves playing online games, "kaka-laro mo yan eh!" in a manner that makes it looks and sound negative but nowadays, playing online games can take you to greater heights and help anyone achieve their life long dreams. 

Palarong Pambansa has been an annual multi-sport event involving student athletes in 17 regions in the Philippines. Now, we are going to witness E-Palarong Pambansaa National Youth Commission-endorsed Esports tournament circuit that aims to revolutionize the Esports industry in the Philippines. This initiative aims to create new opportunities for Filipino youth and promote the growth of Esports in the country, while also cultivating a stable and sustainable grassroots Esports ecosystem.

(L-R) Rolly Pagaspas, Head of Partnerships, E-Palarong Pambansa, Timothy Tia - Operations Manager, Silicon Valley Gaming Association, Andy Koh - CEO, GEMS, Jamar Montehermoso, CEO, ILO E-Sports / Founding Head,  E-Palarong Pambansa, JM Magalona - Sales Executive (MICE), Injap Tower Group, Remar John Bayona, Head of Broadcast, E-Palarong Pambansa, Brian Ong - Head of PR, Hotel 101 Group

The main goal of E-Palarong Pambansa is to enhance the gaming skills of the players to be physically and mentally prepared and soon after, it can be a viable source of career opportunity in the future.

Esports has certainly continued to make waves in the Philippines this past year. With life slowly transitioning to the “new normal”, the return of offline activities, be it competitive leagues or esports conventions, saw fans come in droves and continue to shine the spotlight on esports and gaming. Filipino esports athletes continued their dominance in international tournaments making Filipinos known for being a tough match in different esports categories.

E-Palarong Pambansa Media Conference

The nationwide search for future elite esports athletes will kick-start in 1,634 towns and municipalities are invited to take part in this tournament circuit made possible by an Advisory by the National Youth Commission that enjoins the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation (Youth Council Federations) Presidents countrywide.

E-Palarong Pambansa also aims to promote Esports as part of the youth's development by learning to master self-discipline, teamwork, being focus, grace under pressure and competitive excellence. By scouting grassroot gamers nationwide, this event seeks to showcase a new breed of Esports professionals that can make a name of their own and make a competitive mark on international competitions. 

The event will feature a total of five events: two PC games, particularly, Valorant and League of Legends, and three Mobile games: League of Legends Wild Rift, Call of Duty Mobile, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. 

E-Palarong Pambansa will also have a National Esports Shoutcaster Search to find talented voices from all over the country to provide live commentary and analysis of Esports matches.

The Event Roadmap consists of three stages: Qualifier, Group, and Playoffs, culminating in the Grand Finals played at ICON - Iloilo Convention Center, Iloilo City, Philippines in August. With the Qualifiers starting on June the countdown has begun for this groundbreaking event that is set to change the Esports industry in the Philippines and beyond.

E-Palarong Pambansa has also teamed up with GEMS, the world's first Esports 3.0 aggregator platform, as the events Web3 partner. This partnership aims to bridge Web 2 gamers to Web 3 and provide more opportunities for Filipinos to be exposed to Web3. As the event's Web3 partner, GEMS will enjoin other Web3 companies to support and promote E-Palarong Pambansa, thereby increasing its reach and impact in the global Esports industry.

Codashop, a leading webshop for games and in-game currencies, is also part of the event as the official payment gateway partner of E-Palarong Pambansa. With over 100 million game fans in more than 60 territories worldwide, Codashop serves popular publishers such as EA, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Tencent, Take-Two, and Zynga. Players can purchase instantly on Codashop and receive or gift their content in-app, using various payment methods not supported by traditional app stores. This partnership will enable participants of E-Palarong Pambansa to have a seamless payment experience and access to a wide range of game content.

Other notable partners are FWD Insurance, the Exclusive Insurer Partner of E-Palarong Pambansa, AcadArena, Team Bam Aquino!, Injap Tower Hotel, and Red Bull.

For more information about E-Palarong Pambansa, Email info@epalaro.com or visit the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/epalaro?mibextid=ZbWKwL.

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