Megan Young reveals her secrets to staying happy, healthy, and vibrant. Not worrying over money is one of them

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Being the first Filipino to win the Ms. World crown, Megan Young has license to lead an ultra-glam life, but people will actually be surprised to know that she is “matipid.” In fact, she and husband Mikael “Fofo” Daez has a finance system in place where they have two bank accounts—one for expenses and one for savings. 

I plan it out with my husband kung ano yung gusto ko, trips I wanna go on, K-pop merch na I wanna buy or new experiences na we both wanna try,” says Megan in her latest Instagram video post about living a vibrant life. That means sticking to the budget despite the “wants”. “If I know I can’t afford [the designer bag], bakit ko bibilhin?”

Megan Young inspires everyone to live a happy, healthy, and vibrant life with FWD Life Insurance.  

For Megan, planning your finances is one way to stay happy, healthy and vibrant because “you can enjoy and have peace of mind.” Why would you overcomplicate your life with unnecessary spends that’s not part of the budget?

Aside from being matipid and taking care of your finances, the actress and TV host on GMA’s The Best Ka! also included nutrition, exercise, self-care, and relaxing via traveling in her tips to lead a vibrant life in her video collaboration with FWD Life Insurance.

Megan Young puts great focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition and physical fitness

While the rest of the world do no-carb diets, Megan considers a meal incomplete without bread or rice and dessert! (Hallelujah!). For her, we should not be depriving ourselves with the food we want to eat. “I love having carbs, carbs, carbs! And also meat and dessert. We want to make sure we treat our bodies well. We can eat 80% healthy food and 20% kung anong gusto nating kainin.” 

Rather than focusing on diets, people should focus on creating a healthy lifestyle.  A diet puts her in a mindset that she needs to eat less, which should not be the case. It all comes down to moderation. Plus, exercise. (The secret to her smashing body, perhaps?)

That’s why even if she finds it hard—often second guessing herself like the rest of us why she is even doing it—she always makes sure she works out. 

Financial planning 

When you want to experience more out of life, she says, plan accordingly. (For additional health and financial tips, check out FWD’s blog). And she did not mean just the luxuries and the “wants”. 

Plans should also include the things that are important to you and your family like your health and your future coz we can never really be sure of what can happen. Health protection…kailangan na ring i-budget ‘yan dahil mataas na rin ngayon ang medical expenses so we make sure that we have insurance para less worries.”

And it’s important that all bases are covered. A product like FWD Vibrant Critical Illness Insurance does that, protecting you from wellness to treatment to recovery. You’re covered from before you get a health problem up to when you get diagnosed and all the way to your treatment and recovery. 

Quite impressed, Megan enumerates every benefit you’ll get from it. “With FWD Vibrant, you can get cash for health screening so that you can monitor your health; you’ll also receive cash for medicines to support your recovery in case you get sick; and for your peace of mind, you can claim up to 6x for major critical illnesses; and on top of that, you get minor critical illness coverage worth 25% of the benefit amount. So, you can focus more on your health and celebrate living!”

Megan Young on why protecting your health and finances is key to living a happy, healthy, and vibrant life.


While planning is very important, there are times when we just need to let go and enjoy and appreciate life. As Megan advises: “Pause and take a breather!”

Taking trips abroad is when Megan gets to do this. This is the time when she and her husband can just relax and go with the flow. In her trips for instance, Megan likes to go to places that lets her get out of her comfort zone. There was even a time when they just went on a trip in Japan with no prior plans beyond the airport. After all, where they go and where they stay while abroad are not half as important as how they enjoy it. “Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. Or even if you’re going solo, just pause and enjoy the view.” 

But don’t get her wrong. For Megan, planning is essential and is the precursor to living a vibrant life. Knowing you’re all covered—your health, finance, your family’s needs—gives you the freedom to just enjoy and let go. “We save up and take care of our health para ma-enjoy talaga namin these things. To do that, we always make sure that we work out and take care of our finances.” 

How about you? What are your secrets? Here’s a tip: start doing it! In the words of Megan, “we all deserve to be happy, healthy, and vibrant!”

Want to live a happy, healthy, and vibrant life like Megan? Set up a meeting with an FWD financial advisor to know more about FWD Vibrant and start planning for your health and finances. 

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