Discover how these inspiring local CEOs built their fab business on Shopee

Monday, October 24, 2022

Starting your own business is no easy task– more so when this business is focused on beauty and health products. Not only do you need to have a keen eye on what’s trending, you also need to ensure that your items are effective and safe for your customers, and that ultimately builds a loyal community that keeps on using your products. Learn how two proudly local beauty brands Jenna Essence and ISHIN built their business and made waves among Filipinos in the last few years. 

Jenna Reyes, the hardworking She-EO of Jenna Essence

Jenna had humble beginnings before starting Jenna Essence. Her entrepreneurial experience began at an early age as a “Batang Quiapo”, with her younger years spent helping out her grandma sell trinkets in front of Quiapo church. Growing up, Jenna was known among her peers as strong and hardworking, as she juggled different jobs to make ends meet for her family. She began to sell beauty products on a whim to supplement their household income, not knowing this would turn her life around. 

Jenna was encouraged by her suppliers to start her own beauty brand when they saw her determination to sell their products on social media and through word-of-mouth. After testing the market with a few products, she finally hit her stride with the trending Cocoberry Beauty Essentials. Her business flourished even more when she partnered with Shopee to bring her distributors on the platform. Today, Jenna Essence has expanded to 500 resellers nationwide.

The true beauty of Jenna does not lie in her products, but in the way she runs her business with a strong sense of purpose. “For me, ang business ko ay hindi lang para sa akin, ito din ay para sa mga kapwa ko na gustong makagaan sa buhay [the business is not just for me, it’s also for those who want to have a better life], ” says Jenna. 

Beauty enthusiasts can check out Jenna’s Cocoberry Soap at Shopee’s Beauty Budol Sale. Made from coconut oil, this soap has positive reviews on its effectiveness to moisturize dry skin, sweet scent on use and smooth texture that’s easy on the skin.  This unique soap helps soften and remove dead skin cells to make your skin look fresh and glowing. 

Check out more of Jenna Essence’s beauty essentials on Shopee this Beauty Budol Sale and get up to 25% off on top products.  

Shirleen and Miguel Bautista, the power couple of ISHIN 

Shirleen and Miguel did what most of us aspire to– they chased their dreams and followed through. Despite both working high-level corporate jobs, they still felt that they could do something more. Both had an affinity for entrepreneurship and knew that this was the path for them. 

By chance, the couple came across a hot selling ointment among locals in one of their trips abroad and thought of selling it in the country. With this item, they became successful distributors in the country and gained international recognition that brought them in talks with a Japanese manufacturer who shared its formula which became the birth of ISHIN. By placing their products on Shopee, Shirleen and Miguel made the most of the benefits of the app such as its wide user base and monthly campaigns. 

ISHIN became a popular brand among Filipinos who aimed for a healthy and glowing complexion with its unique glutathione formula. For Shirleen and Miguel, their brand goes beyond giving Filipinos premium yet affordable beauty products. “We consider ISHIN to be a heart-based business, not just because of the reasonable prices we have but also how we want our success to pass to our distributors as well,” says Shirleen. 

Shoppers who feel inclined to support local businesses with a heart can check out ISHIN at Shopee’s Beauty Budol Sale and get the ISHIN Advanced White. This item is made from a Japanese-tested formula with a unique blend of pearl powder, glutathione, NAC, and collagen that nourishes your skin for a healthy look. Users can also get premium glutathione at up to 20% off and up to 25% off flash deals on ISHIN products when they shop at the Beauty Budol Sale. 

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