Mr. Silidonyo and his multi-million scheme with his Kubrador and Depositor

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

According to a very reliable source, there's this high ranking government official that has two (2) "special" employees who transacts business in his behalf. The NEGOTIATOR aka KUBRADOR is the one who transacts all  business discreetly so that they can collect money in the future for their "Boss". 

This person also makes it sure that they can collect the money on time so that the second personnel can deposit the money to the big boss who is a government official.

The said multi-million negotiation is supposed to be a project for the poor only to be used by the wrong hands because apparently, the said two special employees has been working on it for their boss.

Here's the sample text message of the NEGOTIATOR aka KUBRADOR, “Request for P100M para inclusive ang mga cabinets, tables and chairs” at “Sa Friday may check release na si (taga-SUBI) .. pls make sure nalagyan ng P100M ni Boss yung account nya Ty”. This was sent last June 7, a few days after President Rodrigo Duterte steps down as the President of the Philippines.

We can say the said government official is "Big Time" since these two employees working in his  behalf is a government official and a businessman/businesswoman. They are indeed partners in crime. 

The Negotiator aka Kubrador has a bad image or reputation because of the scandal she was part of in the government which is why this person has been doing everything to keep her post and evade her cases. She is a Lady Solon in her city.

The Depositor, the second employee was also headlined to be part of an issue with a political family here in NCR just recently. This person is known to be an expert in this kind of monkey business.

The source added that the multi-million negotiation amounts to Php100 million which collected and deposited to the big boss. This news and rumors about Php 100 million schemes in the Marcos administration will totally give them a bad image to every Filipinos.

Now let's focus our attention to this high ranking boss who is a government official. The source said that the clues states that this person is being investigated for having numerous bank accounts not only in the Philippines but also abroad, this is according to the Anti Money Laundering Council.

This person was also famous for being called as "Mr. SILIDONYO" for he is known to "silid dito silid doon" the multi-million money they collected which is supposed to be benefited by the poor. I wonder if this person still has a conscience or if this person can still sleep at night without any nightmares knowing that they are monsters working in broad daylight. 

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