Who is Christopher Pastrana and why is he being questioned as the next GM of PPA

Friday, July 08, 2022

It has been a tradition to give the incoming administration the so-called "honeymoon period" as a show of respect, trust and full support but even if this has been done in the past, there are crucial times that can hinder this custom simply because early prevention is something to be taken care of before any dangerous acts/situations happen.

This is what exactly unfolded when the appointment of Christopher Pastranana as  General Manager of the Philippine Ports Authority was announced by ES Vic Rodriguez.

The appointment was announced coincidentally as that of former PAL President now incoming DOTr Secretary Jimmy Bautista even before Sec. Bautista accepted. This is very crucial since Philippine Ports Authority is an agency under Department of Transportation (DOTr). 

The said announcement caused mixed of reactions particularly from the two members of the screening committee namely Naida Angping and Anton Lagdameo. 

To be civil with the appointment, it was extended to incoming Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno who also plays an important part in the appointments of respective heads kf Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Bureau of Internal Revenue and Bureau of Customs. 

If you want to delve deeper, then get to know the incoming General Manager of Philippine Ports Authority Christopher Pastranana. 

Domestic Shipowner Pastrana founded the CAPP Group of Companies involved in the trading of bulk raw materials for the cement industry. In 2002, he ventured into tug and barge operations and in the same year, he started Philharbor Ferries and Port Services and APFC, which operates catarman-type roll-on/roll-off vessels. He has since expanded into ship management, ship repair, port operations and maritime training.

Pastrana is currently president of Philippine Inter-island Shipping Association, the umbrella organization of various shipping associations, and president of the Philippine RoRo Operators Association. He is also a director of Interferry, a shipping association representing the ferry industry worldwide.

Among other things to take note of is that his daughters own Philippine Archipelago Ports and Terminal Services, Inc. APFC owns FastCat. PfPSI and PAPTSI both operate PPA port terminals. Pastrana's brother-in-law Rommel Ibuna, is also another big port operator. He owns Prudential Customs Brokerage Services, Inc. all of them operate over 18 ports, more or less 20% of the ports operated by Philippine Ports Authority. There is also a connection between Rodriguez and Pastrana's business partner who is Dennis Trajano (their wives were sisters). Dennis Trajano is Chairman of the board of all three companies. 

If you look into it closely, these are some of pointers to consider that can easily and legally disqualify Christopher Pastrana from being appointed to PPA or any government agency that regulates his business. 

Some pointers that are needed to look into this matter about the appointment of the new GM:

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Legal Issues with PPA
  • Unpaid accounts, Loans etc. 
These has a break down and explained further in the show of Ka Tunying, you can watch the video here

Executive Secretary Victor Rodriguez may have failed to look into this list of connections and issues although this should be an important consideration before appointing someone in the government agency. 

The endgame will be, Christopher Pastrana will be regulating not only his flourished businesses and those owned by his brother-in-law but will also give him the chance to manipulate the other competitors and also the issues surrounding him. 

These are some of the things President Marcos should look into closely especially now that the Filipinos have given their family another chance to govern the country. He should not be criticized as practicing cronyism, yet again and be a leader that will protect not only his name but also the people who will follow his directives. 

Order and prosperity doesn't only rely on the President alone but also to those who were under him, if the appointed persons will not be able to deliver of what is expected of them, it will just reflect on the whole administration itself and this is only the beginning. 

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