Friday, July 22, 2022

juanetworx, the first all-around entertainment and emergency app goes all-out as its app becomes officially downloadable for every Juan in the Philippines and the world.

juanetworx had a momentous launch at the historical and iconic place Club Filipino located at San Juan City where most of the memorable events in Philippine history took place.

To celebrate the the grand launch, there was an Ati-atihan as part of the program and delectable Filipino foods were also served like Fishballs, Scramble, Samalamig, Ice Cream, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. It was indeed a feat of everything JUAN! 

Ms. Edith Fider, Film Producer and one of the founders of Juanetworx 

Some of the programs that are worth watching for at juanetworx. There will also be a life story of Rey Valera, a show for Doc Willie Ong, Horror Series, BL-Suspense Series, Comedy, and more! 

Ali Forbes will have a series in Juanetworx together with Christian Bables
Joaquin Domagoso and Bernie Batin will also have a different series in Juanetworx.

Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo gave his congratulatory remarks for juanetworx

DA Arnell Ignacio also gave his speech for juanetworx

With its icon that creatively depicts the everyday Juan, for a membership fee of P100, subscribers will have access to world class entertainment composed of movies, series, sitcoms, documentaries and more. 

Aside from its entertainment and other show packages, juanetworx is now the digital guardian angel and savior of every Juan. In just one click and in less than a minute, whatever emergency you currently face – fire, flood, earthquake and others – an expert will guide you through on what to do during the time of your emergency, and what is more, the expert you are conversing will be there with you all the time until the predicament you are in gets the best resolve. 

Registering to juanetworx is a breeze. 

Visit https://juanetworx.com/

  • Go to the sign in page and choose your plan. Fill in your details and proceed with the payment for yours subscription. 
  • Take note of your email and password because every time you log in the network, they will be needed. 

Logging in to juanetworx is easy. 

  • Download and install the application form from https://juanetworx.com 
  • Open the app and enter your registered email and password

And just like that you are in and will experience the Philippines’s finest films and programs and the Pinoy aruga and malasakit. Be part of this revolutionary app! Be with us and be Juan of us in juanetworx app! For more updates, like their official Facebook page

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