Mariane Osabel and Vilmark Viray of The Clash Season 4 signs contract with GMA Music

Friday, March 04, 2022

There's a growing number of singers in the country and when you say Philippines, this is the home of the best singers and "biritera" across Asia and even around the globe. 

There's no doubt about it, wherever you go, there is one Filipino out there ready to belt out an amazing song with their golden voice and GMA Network knows that there's no boundary when it comes to honing these skills and finding those who dream and wanted to achieve that dream of becoming a recording artist.

The Clash ended on a high note last year, now on its Season 4 and out of hundreds that challenged themselves to showcase their talent in singing, two emerged as the most powerful ones.

After proving her incredible vocal prowess and rising above the intense battles, Ultimate Siren of Iligan Mariane Osabel was named The Clash 2021 Grand Champion during The Final Clash held last December 2021. Her winning song during The Final Clash was Harish Joya’s “Bakit Mahal Pa Rin Kita".
As Grand Champion, Mariane received prizes worth over P4 million, which includes P1 million in cash, a house and lot, and an exclusive management contract with GMA-7.
Vilmark Viray from Pampanga landed on the first place of The Clash Season 4, he sung Christian Paul Rosa’s “Umuwi Ka Na” – both original compositions are from The Clash songwriting challenge.

The Electrical Engineer graduate said that he didn't even imagine that he would go this far, he joined The Clash to follow his dreams of becoming a singer since he already fulfilled the dream of his parents that he would graduate and take up an Engineering course. Being part of The Clash challenged him to become a better version of himself and now he is more than ready to showcase his talent even though he didn't won as the grand champion.
Last March 3, Mariane and Vilmark are now officially a recording artists as they signed a contract with GMA Music. 
Both are more than ready to go out there and perform, record new songs and showcase what they've got as a performer. While Mariane loves and idolizes Lani Misalucha, she also wants to follow the career path of Julie Anne San Jose and Rita Daniela who are not only very talented when it comes to singing but also can do acting. She wishes to collaborate with them as well in the future. Vilmark on the other hand also like Julie Anne San Jose and wishes that he can collaborate with her in the future as well as his idol Sam Smith. His dream is to have a concert someday in a big venue like Philippine Arena. 
Both of them knows that there are a lot of talented singers out there but they are more than ready to join the growing number and instead of being fearful of comparisons, they are more than willing to give their 100% to every project that GMA Music and Sparkle GMA Artist Center will give them.
Watch the Media Conference of Mariane Osabel and Vilmark Viray

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