ISAng Pilipinas Coalition launched led by Actress Vivian Velez and other Support Groups

Friday, March 11, 2022

Supporters of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio joined together to form a coalition to push the tandem that they think is much more effective in making the Philippines a globally competitive country as well as keeping the nation united. 

Called "Isang Pilipinas," the coalition was formally launched last Wednesday at the historical grounds of Club Filipino in San Juan City, where many historical and ground-breaking meetings were held through the years.

The group led by actress Vivian Velez, who identified herself as a supporter of President Duterte and also director-general of the Film Academy of the Philippines said that the coalition wishes that they can convince Filipinos to pick the two youngest candidates namely Isko-Sara tandem who belongs to different parties because their tandem is a much better pick and they can work hand in hand because of their expertise in their respective local areas which is Manila and Davao City respectively. Although they may seem "young" but their qualifications says otherwise, Velez added. 

Velez also clarified that the coalition "ISAng Pilipinas" did not have any blessing or go signal from either the camp of Isko or Sara since they also respect their own respective tandems. The coalition itself was their initiative and they didn't ask for the permission of Isko and Sara. It's their choice to support whoever they think is the right person who can lead the country and can make it break free from poverty and other negative components that is making the Filipinos live in crisis. She added that as supporters, they have freedom of choice and they will take advantage of it. 

Aside from Vivian Velez, film producer Edith Fider who released the recent biopic of Isko Moreno, also said she chose Isko mainly because he is a good person who also knows how to govern with actions. Manila has evolved into a much better place compared to before now that he was a Mayor and he can do more if can govern the whole country, according to her. 

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