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Monday, January 10, 2022

Avon holds a special place in my heart because for years, it's been part of our family. My beloved Tito Eddie, used to work at Avon and I always love checking out their catalogue for different amazing products. I especially love their line of perfume specifically Sweet Honesty and Forest Interlude. Yes, Tita alert! Raise your hands if you also love these scents. 

Avon has been doing beauty differently for over 135 years. Pioneering in listening to women's needs and speaking out for them. Standing for what matters to them. Supporting their endeavors. Avon is a company that connects people through beauty, sharing passion, innovation and expertise - affordably. 

Avon has a wide assortment of categories for different functions ranging from Beauty: Skin care, Makeup, Body and Toiletries, Fragrance, and Fashion: Intimate Apparel, Jewelries, Watches, and Accessories.

Now, you'll even have an easier access to all Avon products because they're now on Shopee! Find great deals and big discounts when you buy their top-selling products plus avail of Free Shipping as well! 

Check out some of Avon's best-selling products below:

A gentle and mild baby cologne, contains no alcohol, provides your baby an irresistible smell in a calming lavender scent.

Maxi pack in solid colors giving full coverage. With outside waist and leg elastic 5-in-1 Maxi.
Underwire lace bra with peephole center and back support. ✓Underwire Lace Bra ✓Underwire ✓Hook at the back ✓BRAS CLASSIC UNDERWIRE ✓Bell Shape, Round ✓Underwire Lace Bra

It's the same fragrance ladies kept fallling in love with for generations. Sweet Honesty in Eau de Cologne 50ml. Long lasting scent perfect for special occasions.

Check out the Avon products that I bought at their Shopee Official Store 💕 of course, I bought my all-time favorite Sweet Honesty because it perfectly reminds me of how sweet my childhood days have been.

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