This is why you should never miss an episode of I LEFT MY HEART IN SORSOGON

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

It's been a month since "I Left My Heart in Sorsogon" premiered in the Philippine Television scene via GMA Network and it's been making a big buzz because all of the cast and character were well played and the sights and scenery were breath-taking that will make you glued to each and every episode. 

The series features the teleserye comeback of Queen of Creative Collaborations Heart Evangelista, along with the newest Kapuso leading man Richard Yap and multi-awarded Kapuso actor Paolo Contis.

Kapuso viewers enjoyed the portrayal of Heart as she steps into the role of Celeste, a fashion designer and socialite engaged to a dashing debonair, Tonito, brought to life by Richard. 

Some of the netizens noted that Heart fits the role of Celeste perfectly because she is indeed very fashionable and she is one of the icons when it comes to glitz and glamour. Among other things, since this is a comeback project for Heart, she still manages to thug the hearts of many because her love for acting is still there and she can very well deliver any given role and scene - Drama or Comedy, she nails it. 

Richard Yap is undeniably one of the most sought after actor and this project, being paired to Heart Evangelista is the perfect welcome project for him at GMA Network. The chemistry between Richard and Heart is superb, their eyes are very expressive and at the same time, you won't see any awkwardness between the two. His role as Tonito is something different from his past roles and he did an awesome job into molding his personality.

The story started when Celeste reluctantly returns to her hometown, Sorsogon, she is forced to face the emotional baggage that she left behind when she moved to Manila. She still resents her father, who is now critically ill, and her father’s second family for looking down on her glitzy fashion life. She wants nothing more than to leave, but she finds herself face-to-face with her old flame, Mikoy, portrayed by Paolo, who stirs up feelings she thought she had long forgotten.

There's no denying that Paolo Contis is really good when it comes to acting, he gives his 200% and he is very passionate to his craft. He can immediately immerse into another world when the camera starts rolling and he is not Paolo anymore but his role, as Mikoy. The unexpected chemistry of Heart and Paolo (Celeste and Mikoy) makes the viewers torn into who is really the right and perfect guy for Celeste. 

The longer that Celeste stays in her hometown, the more that she unexpectedly rediscovers her roots, rekindles her love for family, its people, and Mikoy, who just simply won’t leave her heart.

The series is made more exciting by an excellent roster of talented Kapuso stars.

Featuring two of the Network’s fast-rising teen stars: Kyline Alcantara as Tiffany, the 18-year-old daughter of Tonito who can be rebellious on the outside, but is actually sweet and warm on this inside; and in his first soap opera, Mavy Legaspi as Sebastian, Celeste’s estranged half-brother who is charming, handsome, and feisty.

Viewers and fans of Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi can't stop falling in love with the tandem as they look really good together on and off screen. Being good friends in real life adds up to to their respective roles which is why the chemistry is on the top. This is one of the many reasons why viewers are also looking forward to watch I Left My Heart in Sorsogon  because of their amazing love team. Not to mention that both Kyline and Mavy are very good actors. They never disappoint. 

Also starring in the show are Michelle Dee as Hazel, Mikoy’s girlfriend who considers Celeste as a threat to their relationship; Rey PJ Abellana as Patricio, Celeste’s estranged father; Isay Alvarez as Lucinda, Celeste’s doting mother who passed away years ago; Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Adora, Celeste’s stepmother and Sebastian’s loving mother; Marina Benipayo as Vivian, Tonito’s rich and overbearing older sister; Debraliz Valasote as Lola Ikay, Mikoy’s grandmother who has a passion for food; Issa Litton as Aurelia, Tonito’s ex-wife and Tiffany’s mother; Jennie Gabriel as May-may, Celeste’s cousin and childhood best friend; Jennifer Maravilla as Jamaica, Celeste’s fashionable friend and associate; Zonia Mejia as Clau, Tiffany’s friend; Bryce Eusebio as young Mikoy; Dayara Shaine as young Celeste; Elias Point as James, Tiffany’s classmate and long-time boyfriend; Victor Sy as Winston, Tonito’s trusted cousin and confidante.

Another notable fact is that this drama promotes what a beautiful destination Sorsogon is. The series featured some of the province’s most picturesque and stunning spots such as Paguriran Island and Lagoon, Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon City Rompeolas, and Sorsogon State University Library with the guidance and support of the Sorsogon Tourism Office.

The cinematography is amazing and you'd wish that the pandemic is over and you can fly to Sorsogon anytime and enjoy the native city plus the tourist spots, the delicious local food and more. Heart also mentioned in some of her interviews that she wishes Sorsogon will be one of the top tourist destination since they have so much to offer. 

Harping on the show’s advocacy and Celeste’s journey of going back to her roots amidst her flamboyant and outlandish lifestyle, the show is set to showcase fashionable outfits that are made by local designers using products and materials that are native to the Philippines. 

The show’s theme song titled ‘Our Love’ is composed and performed by Garrett Bolden under GMA Music.

Because of these reasons, I Left My Heart in Sorsogon has been getting amazing TV ratings and people should really look forward to the upcoming episodes. 

Don't miss I LEFT MY HEART IN SORSOGON weeknights 8 in the evening after 24 Oras! 

For more details follow GMA Network on their official social media pages. 

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