Wednesday, November 03, 2021

AFTER 20 weeks of numerous challenges and rigorous training, the PoPinoy stage is set for the grandest showdown of the competition’s Final Pop 3 Boys and Girls.

Of the 22 groups who passed the auditions held in June this year, the remaining Magic Pop 3 Girl Groups A4OU, Neu Climax, and Yara – along with the Magic Pop 3 Boy Groups Full Out, Upgrade, and Versus – will face off in the final showdown as they compete for the title of PoPinoy’s first-ever Grand Winners.

The pop groups are ready to level up their performances in front of the show’s exceptional Headhunters, DJ Loonyo, Kayla Rivera, Mitoy Yonting, and Maja Salvador.

The nationwide reality talent search chronicles the journey of the aspiring artists as they undergo challenges in songwriting, conceptualizing performances, developing their personalities, and honing their skills, apart from their singing and dance training through the Pop Academy.

With the rapidly evolving Pinoy music and the rise of boy groups and girl bands in the OPM scene, PoPinoy, along with TNT, aims to create an extraordinary group that will promote and showcase Pinoy pride through music and serve as an inspiration to many young talents. 

As the first PoPinoy competition nears its much-awaited culmination, get ready to witness the most promising and talented young artists as they achieve their dreams of becoming this generation’s newest P-Pop idols! 

Catch the grand finale of PoPinoy and find out will be hailed as the newest P-Pop stars, with the show’s headliners Maine Mendoza and Paolo Ballesteros, on November 7, 7:00 p.m. on TV5.

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