Stories of Strength: Check out these Filipino Entrepreneurs who chose to move stronger forward

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

You're stronger than the strongest adversity. 

You know those times when life feels really tough? You feel overwhelmed, and you wonder if you're strong enough to handle all of it. Yet, every single time, you're reminded that yes, you are strong. You are strong enough. Stronger than you think, actually—in ways so mundane, so effortless (to you) it's easy to forget that life was any hard at all. 

And that's the heart of FWD Insurance's #StrongerYouWithFWD campaign: To remind us that no matter how tough the world is, we're tougher. No matter how strong the challenges are, we're stronger. No matter what, there are things, people, and circumstances in our lives that make us braver, better, and so much more than we think we are. We can overcome anything and we've proven it. 

Because while we live in uncertainty now, what's certain is we have the power to change our fates and forge newer, better paths. What's more we can inspire others to find that courage to turn life's negatives into a positive with our own stories, our own experiences. 

So let's celebrate those challenges. Embrace those flaws. Remind ourselves that every loss brings forth an opportunity and that the worst of times can bring out the very best in us. Anything is possible when you're ready to face life head on. So, keep on. Forge on. FWD is with you celebrating the stronger you. #StrongerYouWithFWD. 

Get to know these amazing Filipino Entrepreneurs who grew from pandemic and chose to move forward and celebrate life to the fullest by sharing how creative and passionate they are in their craft.

Indulge in the sweet taste of passion 
Owner: Gliza Jacinto
First Batch was born during the infancy of the coronavirus lockdown back in April 2020 — A period when everything was on a halt and the owner, being a branding designer and marketing practitioner, had to seek was to find balance in the anxiety-inducing situation. A self-taught home baker who wished to go above and beyond the current cookie landscape, and to produce pastries that sought to deliver golden experiences in every bite. 

Within just a year of business , First Batch has gained 8000 organic followers on Social Media. She has shipped all over the Metro and have even reached Japan. From the possibility of shipping nationwide, to opening an actual storefront in the near future. Albeit absolutely different from her career in design and marketing, in a way, she finds peace and fulfilment in actually finding purpose in making customers smile and feel utmost comfort, one bite at a time. 

Awake, Inspired, Energized
Owner: Stephen & Eunice Gelacio
S.E. Coffee started in June 2021 inspired by a love for coffee and travel. During the pancierric, experimenting on coffee recipes, reminiscing about past adventures and dreaming about future travel destinations inspired the creation. Their visit to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019 made their coffee dreams corns true that it was a no-brainer to have Southeast Asia as the main focus for the brand. They wanted people to experience authentic coffee options from counties in Southeast Asia by bringing them to the Philippines. 

The brand is less than two months old and was born during the pandemic. They had hesitations at fist whether or not they would want to push through with the brand given the uncertainties of the situation. 

Light up the fire from within
Owner: Jasmaine Santander
Aglow started in 2017 as a side hustle born out of the owner's love for candles and her desire for making things that allow for creative expression. She saw a market opportunity with hand poured scented soy candles, with the sudden demand and need for relaxation and self care. Candles bring light, scent, and personality to living spaces. They are a true interior staples. 

Aglow is positioning itself as a home fragrance brand that customers can rely on for simple and timeless home scent gifting. With sights focused on expanding their product line to include a range of locally made items that go well with their candles, they have been partnering with other local makers to pursue a positive, collaborative and thriving community. 

Energy to forge Stronger
Owner: Bernardo Avengoza III 
A young and developing brand in social media, Brilla Roca is the brainchild of a commercial flight First Officer's family that had been heavily hit by the pandemic. With the absence of flight hours, the pilot had to remain positive and gain the energy to remain strong for his family. Brilla Roca creates fine pieces of jewelry from semi precious stones, at affordable prices. Since its inception on Q1 of 2021, it has had almost a hundred orders online - from engagement rings to heirloom bracelets, using quality gems. 

Brilla Roca will be a brand that grows with you through all your special moments in life. Built for generations to come, this brand promises to ensure that quality fine jewelry pieces continue to accompany your journey. 

Let's grow stronger together. May these brand stories forge an inspired fire, igniting your inner motivations to keep going, evolving and moving forward.

Celebrate living!

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