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Sunday, August 08, 2021

We all know by now that wearing sunscreen is important but do you know the reason why? The number one reason you should prioritize wearing sunscreen is that it helps to protect you from developing skin cancer. Daily SPF use, even if it is cloudy or raining, can help protect your skin from harmful rays that cause cancer. It is especially important to protect your skin from melanoma, which is the most deadly type of skin cancer.

Protect from Sunburn and Heat Exhaustion

Most people wear sunscreen to protect their skin from painful, red, sunburns; however, did you know that sunscreen can also help protect you from heat exhaustion or heat stroke? Heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms include nausea, muscle cramps and, in extreme cases, can even result in brain damage. To avoid these, you should always wear adequate sunscreen, find shade if you’ve been in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Aside from this, it also helps slow down aging of your skin because being exposed to the harsh rays of the sun can do great damage to our skin.

BREYLEE sunscreen cream  whitening sunblock UV SPF50 PA+++   1 .4f1 oz/40ml

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Breylee Sunscreen cream with whitening aunblock UV SPF 50 is designed with the durable formula that refuels 4 skin's antioxidant defense for sunburn, sunspot, sunscald and anti- aging. Continuous applying sunscreen works at any angle for maximum coverage and delivers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Watery texture, lightweight and non-sticky, with long-lasting oil control ability, this sunscreen can help to even out and brighten the skin tone, restore the skin's radiance, control oil and maintain your makeup.
Royal age sunscreen, to meet your sunscreen needs:
1、High power sunscreen
2、whitening and nourishing skin
4、skin-friendly texture
5、refreshing oil control
Invisible shield, long-term protection, no fear of sunburn, prevention time can be up to 8 hours.

Here are other Breylee products that are worth trying:

BREYLEE Hair Growth Essential Oil 20ml Fast Powerful Hair Products Prevent Baldness

Reduce hair loss
Plant active essence nourishes hair follicles, restores a healthy scalp and repairs damaged hair follicles, providing your hair with the nutrition it needs daily.

Improve nutrient supply
Strengthen the roots of the hair. For a long-term use, the nutrients can be constantly supplied to the hair core, making the new hair longer and stronger.

BREYLEE Vitamin C face Cream Whitening Facial VC Freckles Remove Dark Spots

BREYLEE Vitamin C Face Whitening Cream 20% VC Fade Freckles Remove Dark Spots Melanin Remover Skin Brightening Cream Face Care. 20% Vitamin C.

Effects: With antioxidant protection, prevent melanin bleaching and light skin color.

BREYLEE Teeth Whitening Essence Oral Hygiene Cleaning Serum White Gel Teeth Care

BREYLEE Teeth Whitening Essence Oral Hygiene Cleaning Serum White Gel Teeth Care Tooth Bleaching Dental Tools Perfect Smile 10ml*1bottle
Suitable For: Those who want to get rid of all kinds of teeth stains.

Product Features: Removes the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea or coffee in a more effective way,whitens yellow teeth completely and sweeps away plaque.Lazy tooth brush design,easy to carry. Wipe it gently to make your teeth shine  whitening bright.

BREYLEE Retinol Firming Face Cream Lifting Neck Anti-aging Remove Wrinkles

Retinol is a general term for Vitamin A. As a fat-soluble alcohol that promotes collagen production, it can increase skin elasticity, smooth and tighten the skin, and remove fine lines. It is a cellular communication component and antioxidant which has the function of regulating the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging Minimize fine lines and tighten the skin.

BREYLEE Pomegranate facial cleanser whitening moisturizing  brightening

Breylee Pomegranate facial cleanser has a high whitening and moisturizing effect, creating fresh and bright skin. Red pomegranate essence is refreshing and antioxidant. It can whiten and brighten skin tone. After deep cleaning, skin is clear and does not feel tight. This product is effective in removing turbidity and moisturizing, making skin refreshed.

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