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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Admit it or not, Watsons is the place to be when you need anything that concerns about hygiene, health essentials, skin care and more. Before the pandemic started, whenever I got the chance to go to the mall, it will not be complete without a stopover at Watsons. Of course, Covid-19 happened and we all wanted to be secured safely at home and buy our necessities online. 

Good thing Shopee is always there to make the day. We've got everything we ever need at Shopee's always so convenient to just browse at their user-friendly app and wait for it to be delivered right at the comforts of our home. What's even better is that they offer super deals, big discounts and free shipping plus a lot more perks when you use Shopeepay and when you become a Gold and Platinum member! 

The best part is, our favorite go-to store Watsons is easily accessible at the palm of our hands via Shopee! Buy at their official store

These are some of the items that you should check out which is also on sale. This is just perfect since we all need to take care of our immune system and at the same time keep our skin and well-being healthy:

Nutrabliss Berry Essence Mixed Berry With Vitamin C Plus Food Supplement 6 Ready To Drink

Formulated with 7 mixed berries strawberry, cherry, roseberry, cranberry, black currant, gooseberry in berry flavor. 

It's ready to drink which is perfectly handy, you can drink it anytime or anywhere. Vitamin C is much needed in our bodies nowadays to keep us healthy and immune against sickness. 

Beach Hut Kids Max 100 Spray 150ml

Most people are so excited to go out and travel nowadays especially if your whole family is fully vaccinated already. But even if you're just outdoors at the safety of your homes, the harmful effects of direct sunlight to your kids can damage their skin at an early age. 

Made for kids and the whole family! High spf to protect kids from skin cancer, sunburn and skin darkening but specially formulated to be uber mild for kid's sensitive skin. 

Skin Favorites Assorted Shower Gel 60ml

These on-the-go sized shower gels has four natural, refreshing scents to choose from: Grapefruit & Mandarin, Green Tea & Jasmine, Plums & Berries, and Eucalyptus Peppermint.

Directions for Use: Apply an appropriate amount of shower gel onto palm or loofah and gently massage all over the body. Rinse after for clean and fragrant skin.

Show love to your dull skin with the airy, sweet scent of vanilla blended in a light, non-greasy formula body lotion that can easily be absorbed by the skin and leave it oh-so smooth from head to toe.

Don't miss out this chance and shop now at Watson's Official Store at Shopee! You will definitely not regret it. Because you deserve to pamper yourself and take care of your health.

Download the Shopee app now via Google Play or App Store! 

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