RR Enriquez and her thriving business Cryolipo Coffee

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

RR Enriquez was very active and visible in the Entertainment industry back then, it's been seven years since we last saw her in the TV Screen. Her past shows include “Wowowee” and “Banana Split,” then "Amazing Race Philippines" and "Happy Wife, Happy Life".

Currently, RR is busy with her business Cryolipo Coffee which is now a popular brand among showbiz personalities and health-conscious individuals. It is owned, managed, and personally developed by herself.

The model-actress and TV Host turned entrepreneur continuously shines in her business amid the pandemic and she feels blessed that she was able to put it up despite the challenges in the past year.

Cryolipo Coffee, a favorite of health enthusiasts and body conscious individuals, celebrated its first quarantine anniversary last March. It became a big hit during the pandemic which is like a blessing in disguise for RR.

According to RR, she was not really a coffee lover because everytime she drinks coffee, she would experience palpitations and would turn acidic which is why she formulated a coffee that will not have any negative side effects and would have a healthy and positive response to our body which is Cryolipo Coffee. She also co-owns Rejuva Aesthetic and Laser Center but since the pandemic started, they need to close for a while which is why she focussed on a fast-moving business like Cryolipo Coffee that can be easily sold anywhere specifically online.

She enjoys seeling Cryolipo Coffee online because it's more economical and less hassle for everyone since she doesn't need to invest in renting a space, staff and other expenses. Thus, she is very hands on when it comes to her business so that she can monitor it for herself. The great thing about her loyal customers is that they also help in promoting the products by being the ambassador as well, sharing their positive feedbacks online is a big help to the growing business since social media is a big plus nowadays.

With just one year in the market, Cryolipo now gears up to 500 resellers nationwide and even globally. This is where it all started, the herbal slimming coffee which has detoxifying properties, non-acidic, and appetite suppressant, now a huge hit and continues to capture the hearts of those who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, the same goodness and benefits are now also available through Cryolipo Milktea! Both products are also available via Shoppee and Lazada.

RR is very much happy right now with her business, being a vlogger and also with her love life - her relationship with long-time boyfriend and retired PBA player Jayjay Helterbrand. They've been together for 12 years since 2009. For now, she is not thinking of entering showbiz industry again since she wants to focus on what she has right now plus she enjoys her own limelight thanks to her YouTube account which has a lot of avid viewers. 

RR now has 100 thousand subscribers and counting just like her sibling Melissa who is a transgender and a vlogger as well. She is RR's business partner and product endorser at the same time. Both are risk-taker and brave enough to follow their dreams and now making a mark on their own respective fields. 

Do follow RR and Melissa on YouTube account and other social media accounts for updates.

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