Rated Korina kicks off its second season starting June 19 via multiple media platforms

Friday, June 18, 2021

There's nothing like watching an informative TV show, on a weekend, that gives you a refreshing feel of what it's like to be really out there and blend in with different people, places, beliefs and culture. This is why I love watching the top-rating lifestyle magazine TV show Rated Korina because their segments simply gives you the reality of life, heart-warming stories and the uniqueness of each one of us, because the truth is, everyone has a story to tell. 

Korina Sanchez-Roxas knows how to blend in any given situation plus she makes it a point that each episode delivers a strong message, all the more you're eager to watch each episode of their TV show. 

After a month-long hiatus, Rated Korina kicks off its second season starting June 19 via multiple media platforms: A2Z (Saturday, 6-7pm), TV5 (Sunday, 10-11pm), Kapamilya Channel (Saturday, 11pm-12am), OnePH (Saturday, 7-8pm), and ABS-CBN's international channels TFC and iWantTFC.

With a more extensive global reach, Rated Korina is guaranteed to be a regular weekend viewing staple among Pinoy households all over the world.

With its exciting comeback, you definitely don't want to miss fresh episodes that is guaranteed to make your eyes glued to the screen especially if you love Pinoy pop culture. 

For starters, pageants will definitely have a field day with its "Gandang Pinay" episode featuring an intimate tete-a-tete with today's recently-anointed queens, plus a sneak backstage peek behind two of the biggest and most-awaited local pageants.

History buffs will get a fresh perspective on national hero Jose Rizal, as seen through the eyes of the people who knew him best, and as immortalized through well-preserved artifacts and mementos enshrined in countryside under-the-radar museums.

Travel bugs will surely get the itch to pack their bags and hie off to some of the country's top tourist destinations featured in the show's "Mabuhay Pilipinas" episode. With most of the country's top cities slowly opening their gates to tourists after the lingering health crisis, it's high time for Pinoys to reacquaint themselves with their motherland's world-acclaimed scenic spots.

Rated Korina also goes into the heart of the city of Manila as part of its long-running Handog Tsinelas campaign, as well as its food relief program for destitute families.

Bursting with renewed vigor after a much-needed respite, host Korina Sanchez-Roxas is all fired up with excitement as she plods through on her endless quest to get an inside track of today's hottest trending topics. 

"We're back with a vengeance," she proudly beams. "The RK team  has been traveling cross-country in search of the best human interest stories, which of course, have been the heart and soul of the show."

"And we have every reason to be prouder and happier now that we're airing on more media platforms, which gives us a better chance of being our Filipino televiewers' regular weekend viewing habit."

Rated Korina is produced by Brightlight Productions.

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